The ultimate comfort – David’s Tea the Feel-Good Collection

David's Tea the Feel-Good Collection

Tea is one of my biggest comfort “foods,” and David’s Tea has long been one of my go-to places to buy various teas that are both tasty and affordable for any occasion. This spring, I am focused on being healthier, using more natural skincare products, eating more fresh and local produce, as well as creating as more realistic exercise plan to help me lead a healthier and overall more fulfilled lifestyle.

David’s Tea’s the Feel-Good Collection is a collection of healthy teas that is a great supplement to any lifestyle changes I make. The Feel Good Collection contains 25 grams of each of these teas, as well as 20 tea sachets to make your own tea bags:

  • Hangover Helper is the perfect drink after a late night. It contains green rooibos, green maté, ginger, lemongrass, apple mint, lemon myrtle, guarana seeds, dandelion root, and natural yoghurt, red fruit and bergamot flavouring.
  • Ginger Peach Moringa is like an herbal cleanse in a cup and contains peach pieces (peach, sulfites), ginger root, moringa leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, lemongrass, natural ginger and peach flavouring.
  • Buchu Superfruit is a yummy mix of buchu and goji berries, containing black currant (yess my fave!), blackberry leaf, green rooibos, goji berry, strawberry, buchu, blueberry, acai, stevia extract, with natural acai and raspberry flavouring.
  • Live Wire Lemon is a blend of lemon and yaupon, an energizing herb. It contains apple, ginger, lemongrass, yaupon, lemon peel and natural lemon flavouring.
  • Mango Turmeric is full of energizing and detoxing turmeric, containing turmeric, ginger, mango, pineapple, lemongrass, lemon verbena, with natural orange and mango flavouring.

My favourite of the set is Buchu Superfruit because I love black currant. It’s a warmer, heartier tea that’s great for when you’re feeling in need of a healthy energy boost.

David's Tea the Feel-Good Collection
David's Tea the Feel-Good Collection

I also love collecting David’s Tea mugs – this one is limited edition for Valentine’s Day, but you might still be able to find it at your local store. This mug is a nice size and the wide opening is great for brewing tea lattes. I have 5-6 David’s Tea mugs sitting around, and this one is one of my favourites. I just love all things girly!

Lastly if you haven’t noticed yet, since last fall, David’s Tea has released certain home fragrance and body care products. This mini candle is scented with the David’s Tea Vanilla Orchid Tea – this way you can brew your tea and breathe it in too! The little tin is just $12 and a perfect way to enjoy the tea fragrance on the go.

David's Tea the Feel-Good Collection


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