Fantastic brow threading and tinting experience at Indian Brow & Henna Boutique!

I was recently invited by Hema, co-owner of Indian Brow & Henna Boutique on Broadway in Vancouver to experience a brow service at her boutique. I had previously done brow threading at other places and I wasn’t very happy with it because I felt like I didn’t get much input in terms of how I wanted my brows to look, and I walked away with too-thin brows. However after reading so many positive reviews of Indian Brow & Henna Boutique, I was very happy to try out threading again.

Booking my appointment was very fast and easy, and Hema was very flexible in accommodating my hectic schedule. The location of the boutique is very conveniently located on Broadway and Spruce (one block west of Oak), and the storefront was very bright and easy to find. My initial impressions of this boutique were all extremely positive.


When I arrived at Indian Brow & Henna Boutique, I was immediately greeted by Hema who offered to take my coat and also offered tea or water. I was also given an info sheet to fill out with my  information. The boutique is very spacious on the inside, with plenty of room and light, with big mirrors on the wall. There’s also a divider between the front reception area and the back service area, so clients can have some privacy when getting their services done.

Very quickly after I arrived, I was brought to my chair for my service. Hema looked at my brows and assessed that they were a bit sparse towards the front and end, and they could also be darker, so I received a quick brow tint as well. I’ve never had my brow tinted and I never thought that it was necessary because my hair was already so dark, but Hema assured me that the tint would bring out the colour of my brows even more and that my brows would look bolder, if that’s the look I prefer (and yes it was).


(Before / during brow tinting)

After brow tinting, Hema worked with me step by step to determine how I wanted my brows shaped. I like my brows to be relatively thick with a small arch, so Hema made sure just to clean up any stray hairs without removing too much of the thickness. I also asked for a bit more shape so she gave me a slightly archier look. Overall I’m extremely happy with the shape.


(During shaping / after threading)

Of course, no Indian threading session is complete without a brow and head massage, so Hema gave me a very relaxing and skin-soothing massage using Indian rose gel (which smells AMAZING!!!). She also used their boutique’s house-brand brow makeup on me to create a finished look. I’m super happy with everything from start to finish, and after reading so many positive reviews on Yelp, I know that my experience will be replicated with every client.

In terms of prices, a brow tint is $21 and brow threading is $22. These prices are extremely reasonable, and because Hema did such a good job shaping them, I’m very confident that I’ll be promoting this service to everyone I know! You can book your appointment online here.

Indian Brow and Henna Boutique
1104 West Broadway
Vancouver B.C.
V6H 1G5
Ph: 604 733 4242
Mon-Sat: 10-7
Sunday: 12-5


3 thoughts on “Fantastic brow threading and tinting experience at Indian Brow & Henna Boutique!

  1. I’ve tinted my lashes before – I never thought I’d benefit from it but it did make a difference since the tips of my lashes aren’t as dark. Your in progress tinting brows are quite a sight… I do actually see girls walking around looking that normally though! 😮

    • Haha yeah I know what you mean XD thankfully for me it was just temporary! I haven’t thought about tinting my lashes before but it sounds like it’d be a good natural alternative to mascara!

  2. Hema is awesome! So glad you had a great experience.

    In my experience, lash tinting doesn’t make a ton of difference if you already have dark hair though 😦 I feel like it makes much more of an impact if you have light-coloured lashes.

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