Surprise your sweetheart with LUSH’s Valentine’s Day collection!

LUSH Valentine's Day review

Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection is ultra pink this year, just the way I like it. I’m super in love with this year’s Valentine’s Day collection, not just because of the pinkness, but also because of the variety of products. Sometimes Lush collections can be predominantly soaps, or bath products, or something, and there isn’t enough variety for everyone. This year, Lush has created something for everyone, and it’s a great way to show that special someone that you care!

LUSH Valentine's Day review

The product I’m most excited about is the Roses All The Way soap. It’s made with fresh rose infusion and rose oil, as well as glyerin, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, rose syrup, and kaolin for a deep cleanse that’s also hydrating and luxurious. The best part is that the soap is in the shape of a heart with a rose engraving! It’s the perfect gift for that rose-lover significant other, or special friend.

If you’re all about taking romantic baths with your partner, the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is a great addition to your bath bomb collection. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli help to create a romantic, warm, and relaxing atmosphere, while the beautiful colours create a fun and playful environment for you and your partner to frolic in. The fun shape of this Bubble Bar can also help to create some pre-bath fun!

LUSH Valentine's Day review

The Prince Charming Shower Gel from prior years has been reformulated to be Prince Charming Shower Cream! I adore the new Shower Cream formula, it’s richer and more nourishing than the old Shower Gel formula and still retaining the same level of foamy. Apart from the richer texture, not much has changed. It still contains a blend of pomegranate, grapefruit, sandalwood, and geranium, and is also formulated with fair trade vanilla pod infusion and fair trade organic cocoa butter to hydrate the skin while you wash.

There are also two lip products for Valentine’s Day, both called The Kiss, seeing as they will prep your lips for some smooching on the day. The Kiss Lip Scrub is a sweet, sugar-based lip scrub that contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, Sicilian mandarin oil, almond essential oil, as well as some salt to help slough off any dead skin and help to keep your fresh skin baby soft. Finish off your lip treatment with a wash of The Kiss Lip Gloss, which is mostly made of fair trade shea butter, kalahari melon oil, organic jojoba oil, illipe butter, glycerin, agave syrup, Sicilian mandarin oil, and almond essential oil. It also contains a small dose of guarana seed powder to help plump up the lips.

So this Valentine’s Day, whether your partner is a bath or shower person, or she’s a lip product junkie like me, pick something up for him or her from Lush! The Lush Valentine’s Day collection is available now in store or online.


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