Featuring supplementary skincare – essence lotions, pre-serums, facial oils, eye serums, and more!


This year, one of my blog goals with regards to skincare is featuring more supplementary skincare products. We all have our usual routine, which normally consists of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and for good measure I’ll also throw serum in there because more and more people are seeing serum as something of a necessity. In recent years, especially due to the rise in popularity of Japanese, Korean, and other skincare products, we have seen an increase in what I like to call “supplementary products.” These are products such as the essence lotion, pre-serum, eye serum, facial oil, et cetera. Basically any products that don’t fit into our usual cleanse, tone, moisturize routine.

In the prior years, I have covered these products to an extent, but in 2016 I really want to make it a goal to feature more of these products. I’m finding more ways of incorporating these products in my skincare routine, including my recent luck with facial oils by mixing them with my nightly moisturizer.

Essence lotions are watery lotions that essentially replace your toner. They normally have hydrating properties, plus anti-aging, spot reduction, brightening and more. I LOVE Essence Lotions, and this is a staple in my morning skincare routine when I need something hydrating to help my skin combat the dryness of the office air. My current go-to is the Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment which really helps to give me plump, supple skin that creates an even canvas for foundation, and also helps my base makeup stay on longer.

Pre-serums are a new trend that started with Shiseido Ultimune a few years ago. You use this after cleansing and toning, and before applying anything else. The gist is that it’s supposed to help maximize the potency of anything else you apply after this. Ultimune itself claimed to improve the skin’s immunity by targeting the Langerhans cells in your skin, however that’s not the case with all pre-serums. Elizabeth Arden recently also released a version of the pre-serum which I haven’t yet tried, but it’s a similar idea.

Facial oils are usually a blend of essential oils (either with or without a carrier oil) that you apply directly on your face. Depending on the blend of essential oils, it can provide hydration, as well as anti-aging, spot reducing, brightening, and other properties. I used to have terrible luck with facial oils because they just don’t like to sink into my skin, always leaving a greasy mess. However recently I discovered Odacite, which is used mixed into your moisturizer, and I’m absolutely in love! Reviews to come.

Sleeping masks were a huge Asian phenomenon a few years ago, and just in the last 1-2 years that they’ve become popular in North America. Basically these products are hydrating masks that contain intensive ingredients that replace your nighttime moisturizer a few times a week.

Eye serums are like a facial serum and are gaining popularity in recent years, especially with the anti-aging crowd. The eye area is very thin and delicate, so extra care must be taken to ensure that the products used aren’t too heavy, otherwise you may cause clogged pores. Eye serums are designed specifically for the eye area, using lightweight ingredients that pack the most punch in order to gently repair the eye area.

Look out for reviews and features of products in these categories in the coming months!

What are your thoughts on incorporating these supplementary products in your skincare routine?

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6 thoughts on “Featuring supplementary skincare – essence lotions, pre-serums, facial oils, eye serums, and more!

  1. I’m torn on whether I believe all these different products are necessary. Is it better to invest in fewer, heavy moisturizing products or many products that all hydrate lightly?

    • I think it depends on your skin type and also what your skincare preferences are. I personally like having multiple products to layer because my skin is dehydrated but it can get overloaded quickly. I also have multiple skincare goals, i.e. brightening, preventative anti-aging, hydration, etc. and it’s hard to find products that work well in all of those areas. For me it’s like comparing a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner with separate shampoo, conditioner, mask, etc. But ultimately it depends on your personal preference.

  2. I think these kinds of products are a really nice treat. If I happen to see a serum or eye cream on sale I’ll try it out, but it’s not always part of my usual skincare routine. I’ve heard great things about the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

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