Canadian beauty online shopping with Scarlet & Julia

scarlet & julia online shop review

Scarlet & Julia is a newcomer in the beauty e-commerce scene. Based in Montreal, Canada, Scarlet & Julia is a combination of a discount beauty hub, hosting limited-time sales of luxury beauty brands such as Chloe, Lise Watier, Burberry, and more, and high end beauty boutique, featuring regular-priced beauty products. The website offers free shipping for orders over $75, and claims “orders are delivered within 4 to 8 business days from the receipt of your order for products in La Boutique and within 8 to 12 business days for products in Private Sale.”

I was sent a $50 gift card from Scarlet & Julia to get my shop on. Since the shop is relatively new, there is a limited number of brands available. I zoomed in on some of my favourite brands such as REN and Nuxe, as well as specialty niche brands such as Lipstick Queen and Coola.

My first impression is that the website design is very clean, organized, and easy to navigate. However I really wasn’t impressed with the ordering/check-out process. I wasn’t a fan of how there’s a separate landing page for each brand before clicking on ‘Shop this brand,’ because it just created another necessary action on my part (note: by the time this blog post was published, they had thankfully removed this landing page). I also found the check out process to be a bit slow. It took a few tries to add things to my cart, and each time it took about 10 seconds to load the page.

Lastly, I found the shipping time to be extremely slow. I ordered my products from the regular boutique (not private sale) on December 8, but it wasn’t shipped until December 18, and it didn’t arrive until December 23. I understand that because of the Christmas season it could be longer than usual waiting times, but I felt that a 10-day shipping delay was just not acceptable, especially because there are places like Sephora that ship next day, Amazon where products are delivered to your door within 48 hours, and other online shopping options that deliver a lot faster.

I ordered an Anna Sui Beauty Tray, a Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash, and a Lise Watier Structure Eye Brush. The products arrived safely packaged, and I have nothing but good things to say about the products themselves.

Overall though, I am quite disappointed with my first experience with Scarlet & Julia. I do most of my shopping online and it’s a shame that one of Canada’s first and premier online shopping destinations didn’t perform as well compared to their competitors. I note that they are quite new, as they just opened in 2015 so there may be some growing pains at first. I anticipate that most, if not all, of these issues will be resolved as they grow their business, and that the shopping experience will become smoother over time.

scarlet & julia online shop review


4 thoughts on “Canadian beauty online shopping with Scarlet & Julia

  1. So great to have a resource like this to buy all the Canadian brands in one place. I hope they take your feedback and tweak the check out process and shipping turnaround time. That Anna Sui beauty tray is an item I’ve been eyeing but it’s so frivolous I can’t justify the purchase! 😛

    • I know!! I was thinking when I got my gift card “what should I get that I’d normally never get.” Not to fret though, there are actually a lot of dupes out there for a tray like this but don’t cost as much… *cough ebay*

  2. I would agree with your points here. Hopefully they’re able to resolve these issues; I know that sometimes it can be tricky to get your supply chain going and efficient, but that’s not our problem as a consumer! I hope they stick around though as it’s nice to have Canadian options.

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