Experiencing Canada’s first Drybar at Nordstrom Vancouver

drybar vancouverI was first introduced to Drybar earlier this year and they’ve quickly become one of my favourite haircare product brands of all time. I previously wrote about Drybar’s story and history, along with some product reviews here, in case you’re not familiar with the brand. A little bit goes a long way, and despite using Hot Toddy and 100 Proof Treatment Oil every time I wash my hair, I’ve still only made a dent in the bottles. I also use Triple Sec on a daily basis to freshen up my hair and add some texture and volume, in between washes. I seriously cannot imagine living without Drybar now, because there are so many different products that work well with my hair, in addition to having adorable packaging and an amazing smell across the board.

Drybar opened their first salon in Canada at Nordstrom Vancouver and even though I wasn’t able to make it out to their opening event to meet founder Alli Webb, I was offered an opportunity to experience Drybar services in person. I selected to go with a Cosmo Blowout (C$50) with an added Floater, which is a 10 minute head massage during the wash (+C$15). The Cosmo is lots of volume with loose curls, which looked great with my newly short hair.

My experience lasted about an hour with the wash + head massage, blowdry, and style. My stylist used Happy Hour Shampoo to clarify, and the Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish. She also used Hot Toddy before blowdrying, and stopped halfway to apply 100 Proof Treatment Oil and spray some Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray. She finished off the rest of the drying with the Full Pint Medium Round Brush, creating a lot of volume. Before curling my hair with the 3-Day Bender Digital Curling Iron (this thing is SO COOL!), she sprayed some Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep my hair looking curly, longer.

I love Drybar products, and I was very happy with the whole Drybar salon experience. The highlight of it was that not only was the styling great, but also the products they use are ones that I would use myself and find reliable. I think a blowout is definitely a special occasion thing though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for every day (unless you have a lot of dough…). They also do updos and braids using Drybar products, and are flexible with your request.

You can easily book and manage your appointments with Drybar online without hassle, and you will get a confirmation e-mail the day before your appointment asking you to confirm. This is perfect for the busy professional who prefers to manage everything electronically.

How often do you get your hair professionally styled?


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