Experience: peroxide-free teeth whitening at ST Medi Spa

st medi spa vancouver review

Recently, I was invited to ST Medi Spa in Vancouver to experience their “organic teeth whitening service,” with no peroxide. I’ve never had my teeth professionally (or at-home) whitened before because my gums are sensitive, but because they claim that this process is a lot gentler than other teeth whitening processes that use peroxide, I was intrigued. I drink a lot of coffee and tea every day and my teeth definitely reflect that.

st medi spa vancouver review
st medi spa vancouver review

The entire process was extremely painless and took less than an hour. The attendant coated my teeth with a special whitening gel, and shined a blue laser light on it. After 20 minutes, she applied another coat of the whitening gel, and repeated this process for another 20 minutes, for a total of 40 minutes. Afterwards, my teeth looked significantly whiter and brighter. I also felt no gum discomfort during the entire treatment, which is something rare for me because my gums historically have been quite sensitive to these types of treatments.

I had to lay off coffee and tea for a week though, which was extremely difficult. I think my teeth ended up darkening a tad after the first day, but it was still brighter than what I had originally going into the treatment. I’m super happy with this treatment

Before and after photos – my teeth had lightened six shades!

st medi spa vancouver review
st medi spa vancouver review

My one main caveat is that they market this is “organic” teeth whitening but I asked for a list of ingredients in the whitening gel and not all of them are organic in the sense that we’d interpret it to be on a day-to-day basis. There are chemicals in this, and it’s not all natural, plant-based ingredients. I’m happy to see that there are plant-based extracts in the list though, which is probably what makes it gentler on the teeth and gums. The top ingredient is glycerin, which is a humectant, and the second incredient is baking soda. There is also potassium sorbate in the list, which is an acid which performs similar functions as peroxide. The company claims that this treatment is 95% organic though, which is enough to get it certified organic in Canada. Since I’m not a scientist, I will take their word (with a grain of salt) for it. If you are more particular about the ingredients/chemicals used in your products, then it’d be a good idea to do your own homework.

Ingredients of the whitening gel: Glycerin-1, Sodium Bicarbonate-2, Carbomer-4, Polysorbate 20-4, Triethanolamine-4, Potassium Sorbate-4, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice-6, Punica Granatum  (Pomegranate) Seed Extract-6, Chamomila Recutita(Chamomile) Flower Extract-6, Flavour-4.

Overall I think if you are looking for a gentler, but still effective teeth whitening service then this peroxide-free teeth whitening offered by ST Medi Spa is a great alternative to whatever is being offered at your dentist’s office. If you are truly looking for an all-natural, chemical-free teeth whitening service then I’m not sure this is the one for you. I’m not too picky about my all-natural product so I’m just happy this was effective on my teeth and gentle on my gums. I would definitely go back for seconds and thirds!

ST Medi Spa

920 Seymour Street Vancouver BC, V6B 3L9 Canada
Phone: +1.604.336.6769
fax: +1.604.336.3837
Email: info@stmedispa.com

Business hours:
Monday – Saturday | 10AM – 6:30PM
Sunday | By Appointment Only

st medi spa vancouver review

st medi spa vancouver review


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