Celebrate winter memories with Soufeel


For the holiday season, Soufeel has released several winter-themed charms that make incredible gifts. I previously wrote about Soufeel here, so I won’t go into too much detail about the quality of the products – my thoughts on the superior quality remain the same.

For my second Soufeel order, I chose the 17cm snake chain bracelet instead of the leather chain. The snake chain looks and feels more luxurious than the leather chain, and the quality is basically identical to my Pandora bracelet. Soufeel offers bracelet lengths from 16cm to 23cm, which should fit most people. The only downside of this snake chain bracelet that makes it less preferably to my Pandora bracelet is that it doesn’t have stoppers every 1/3 of the way into the bracelet to prevent the charms from falling out. It’s happened to me a few times where I’m putting on a new charm and all of the charms fall off the chain. It’s not a quality issue, just a bit inconvenient.


Christmas charms are typically priced at $15-60, but there are often sales that bring the prices of the sterling silver charms down. I picked out a bell with green lacquer accents (which contains a real clapper!), a snowflake, red dangly bell (yes I like bells), a gift box with a lid that opens up, and a penguin (no longer available online). In addition to the charms I chose, I also really like this wreath, the hot cocoa mug, and the pumpkin carriage, which is great for any Cinderella lovers in your life too. Soufeel is constantly releasing new charms with different themes, so keep an eye out for charms that might suit your needs.

SOUFEEL offers free shipping for orders over C$59, in addition to a 365-day return policy and guarantee to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. They ship via DHL, so you can get your Christmas orders shipped to your loved ones ASAP.



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