Introduction to H&M Beauty with the Eye Colour Palette, True Matte Finishing Powder, Pure Radiance Powder Blusher, Cream Lip Colour, and Nail Polish

h&m beauty review and swatches

H&M Beauty launched last month with a large collection of makeup, skincare, and accessories. I was sent a few items from the collection to try out, and my overall thoughts are there are excellent products and some that are more meh. At first look, the packaging is very glam and chic, with most products made of black and white lacquered plastic, with some gold accents. The packaging feels hefty and luxurious for the price.

h&m beauty review and swatches

H&M Beauty Eye Colour Palette is the product I was most looking forward to trying, however it was also the biggest disappointment. The palette contains nine shades of eyeshadow housed inside a sleek, plastic container. The variation I have is Smoky Nudes and it’s a collection of neutrals. I found that all of these were extremely sheer, applied chalky and dry, and a lot of them look very similar on the lids. For $12.99, it’s affordable but it isn’t the cheapest of palettes, so I expected a bit better quality. For example the L’Oreal La Palette Nudes, and the Maybelline nude palettes are both much better quality and are also priced under $20.

h&m beauty review and swatches

The H&M Beauty True Matte Finishing Powder is finely milled, smooth, and very blendable. My skin isn’t super oily so I didn’t take advantage of the mattifying properties. The shade Warm Beige is a good match for my skintone when lightly dusted in the winter, or more heavily worn in the summer. The Pure Radiance Powder Blusher is a dud. The shade I received – Apricot – is very sheer, powdery, and almost the same colour as my skin. I needed to apply this in heavy layers to show up on my face, and then it just becomes powdery and chalky looking. Both products are just $12.99.

h&m beauty review and swatches

My favourite of the collection so far is the Cream Lip Colour – the shade I have is 041 Candy Apple, a bright orange-based red. It is ultra creamy, super pigmented, and just looks incredibly beautiful. Priced at just $12.99, it’s definitely amazing value. The only thing I did notice about this is that it has a very distinct lipstick scent, something I haven’t smelled for years due to the amount of technology that goes into products now. I guess it’s a good thing that we know they don’t have any added fragrance in the product, but the smell can be a bit bothersome.

h&m beauty review and swatches

Lastly, the Nail Polish I received was December Dawn and is a beautiful sheer milky polish with holographic shimmers in it. I’ve only worn this as a top coat to add shimmers and dimension to my nail polish, and it looks great. The nail polish is $6.99.

I’ve read some pretty positive reviews on this collection elsewhere on the internet, so my general feeling is that the shades I received were not as high performing as some of the other shades. I do very highly recommend the Cream Lip Color as the colour is just amazing, with equally good pigmentation and texture.

H&M Beauty is available now at your neighbourhood H&M store!

h&m beauty review and swatches

The swatches

h&m beauty review and swatches
h&m beauty review and swatches


11 thoughts on “Introduction to H&M Beauty with the Eye Colour Palette, True Matte Finishing Powder, Pure Radiance Powder Blusher, Cream Lip Colour, and Nail Polish

  1. Hmm yeah I’ve heard so-so things about the blushes, but people seem to like the powders and lipsticks. Maybe I’ll pick up a powder then since it looks pretty and seems to work well haha

  2. I find their beauty line to be priced a lot higher than expected. You can get lots of better quality makeup at a lower price. Drugstore makeup has always worked well for me and there are lots of coupon and discount for them. I don’t know probably I have a sort of bias against non-name brand makeup.

    • I agree with you on this one! They are no name and the quality is similar to drug store. For the price, I’d probably go for L’Oreal or Revlon, since the quality is more established.

  3. Oh thanks for the heads up about that eye shadow palette. I was thinking of getting one.
    And you’re the first blog that I’ve read that didn’t like the blusher! I wonder if it’s the shade you received – maybe it’s too light for you? It’s really too bad. I’ll have to swatch everything I guess.

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