Freshen up your shower routine with Lush!

lush shower gel reviews

Lush shower products are among my favourites, and I also love discovering new formulations, as well as rediscovering old ones. Recently, Lush introduced a few new products to help reinvigorate your showers!

lush the comforter shower cream review

The Comforter shower cream (C$9.95-28.95) is described as a “cuddle in a bottle.” The sweet berry-scented shower cream is thicker and creamier than shower gels, and also lathers up more richly. It contains blackberry and fair trade vanilla infusion, with sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils to create a blackcurrant scent that’s warm and inviting, great for both early morning and late evening showers.

Beautiful shower gel (C$9.95-28.95) is for all peach lovers out there; it’s formulated with fresh peach juice and apricot infusion. It lathers up very nicely and leaves my skin feeling ultra soft. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is that it contains micro shimmers in it – even though it washes off completely, it still makes me a bit wary to use.

lush refresher shower jelly review

Refresher shower jelly (C$6.95-11.95) is a super refreshing, citrus-scented shower jelly. Created with all things lemon in mind, this leaves my skin feeling ultra clean (maybe even a bit too squeaking clean), and my spirit uplifted. I leave the cap half-off in the shower to let air out a bit after each use, and my bathroom smells absolutely amazing.

lush the rough with the smooth shower scrub review

The Rough with the Smooth shower scrub (C$9.95) is made with granulated sugar and murumuru butter to create incredibly smooth, moisturized skin. I love using this in the shower because I feel like my skin is left covered in a light layer of essential oils, and then I have one less body part to moisturize after (booyah lazy person). Only qualm is that if you shower in very hot water then this scrub will fall apart/melt quite quickly. You will want to work fast and then let it air dry after each use.

Lastly, a recent favourite discovery that isn’t new to the market is Happy Hippy shower gel ($9.95-29.95). This grapefruit scented shower gel is one of my favourite things to come home to each night because it smells absolutely amazing! I use this at night, but I can see it as being extremely uplifting for those morning shower people. The clear shower gel lathers extremely well, and a little goes a long way.


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