Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.19: ​​Do you find yourself spending more money on beauty products since you’ve become a beauty blogger?

BISC Vol.19

Do you find yourself spending more money on beauty products since you’ve become a beauty blogger?

BISC Vol.19 Authors

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
Becoming a beauty blogger has definitely fueled my make-up and skincare obsession and I find myself constantly being on the look-out for new holy grails and constantly wanting to try out new products. Lucky for me I do get quite a lot of press samples, so that helps balance things out a bit. That said, I still probably spend more money on beauty products now than I did before I became a beauty blogger. And yes, my beauty blogger buddies – a.k.a. you guys! – are partially to blame for that 😉

SHEILA | Canada | Maddy Loves
For the first three years of blogging, I did spend a lot more on beauty products. I justified it because I would review this on my blog, but the reality was that I was just a beauty addict… After blogging for three years, it was when PR started to work more with bloggers, so I was fortunate to receive opportunities for product reviews from PR agencies or brands. Eight years later, I think my overall spending on beauty has gone down because I try to just review the products that I receive, otherwise it can get very overwhelming.

TRACY | USA | Swaybeauty
I’ve only been blogging for about 7 months but I guess I’m spending more in the sense that I’m curious about more products.  For example I was already using products from Bobbi Brown, Giorgio Armani etc. but being the in the blogging world and being exposed to the new products I will most likely purchase a product sooner rather than having just stumbled upon it on my next trip into Nordstrom.

ANNE | Germany | Linda, Libra, Loca
No. When I first started reading blogs, that was when my spending went up! I guess the reason is that I started my blog when I was on parental leave, with barely no income to spend on makeup, so I made do with what I owned already (which was a lot!). Now that I am back to working, I sat down and listed all the products I own and still need to review, to get more organized. That was very therapeutic! You don’t need to buy all the new stuff out there just to be a beauty blogger!

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews
Yes and no. Back when I had a much larger budget, I got whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. Then I had no discretionary funds so I stopped spending and worked through what I’d bought. Once I came to the end of my hoard, I started blogging and spending again. I’m still very limited about what I can afford. I just try to maintain quality over quantity and sample as much as I can so I don’t waste money!

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
A little bit probably but I was already spending a lot of money way before I started my blog. Now that I’m a beauty blogger, I try to branch out and try new things that I probably wouldn’t if I weren’t a beauty blogger so that there are varieties on the blog. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy every new makeup that comes out, though. I still only buy things that I know I will get a lot of use out of.


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