Aerin Fragrance Coffret – the prettiest of all the fragrance gifts

Aerin fragrance coffret review

I’ve been lusting after Aerin perfumes for nearly a year now, and just could not decide on a single one to purchase. When I saw the limited edition fragrance coffret, I knew I had to bite the bullet. The fragrance coffret is a limited edition set, exclusive to the Estee Lauder website (it was previously available at Nordstrom and other department stores for the holiday seasons).  It contains 9mL deluxe sizes of all of the Aerin fragrances, except for the new Rose the Grasse.

The packaging is beautiful. The coffret comes in a well-made, durable cardboard box, and each of the vials are clear glass with a unique background printed on the back of each bottle, and topped with gold spray caps. The backgrounds prints are the same as the box design on the full size bottles, which is a beautiful touch.

Aerin fragrance coffret review

The seven fragrances included in the set are:

  • Waterlily Sun has main scent notes contain Sicilian Bergamot and Jasmine Sambac, and would be categorized as a green floral.
  • Evening Rose contains Blackberry, Bulgarian Rose, Rose Centifolia, Cognac, and Incense. This is a dark rose scent, not your typical grandmother’s rose fragrance. It’s definitely very different from all of the rose scents I own (which is great because I need more excuses to buy rose fragrances). The cognac and incense create a smokey base note for the blackberry and two rose notes, making it more mature and definitely more sensual.
  • Lilac Path features Galbanum, Lilac, Jasmine, Angelica Seed Oil,and Orange Flower.
  • Amber Musk showcases scents of Coconut Water, Rose Centifolia, Ambrox, Benzoin, and Musk. This one is my least favourite on its own because it’s quite smokey and dark – a constrast from my usual bright florals – but when layered with a lighter scent such as Iris Meadow, the combination smells warm yet still quite floral.
  • Gardenia Rattan has Wet Marine Notes, Gardenia, Tuberose, Tiare Tahiti, and Amber. This is a white floral scent, with the gardenia notes very prominent and is one of the first things I smell. I love how fresh this scent is for the summer; it invokes images of summer strolls in the city.
  • Iris Meadow contains Mandarin, Black currant, Cedarwood, Egyptian Jasmine, and Iris.
  • Ikat Jasmine contains Tuberose Fleur, Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Egypt Infusion, Honeysuckle, and Tuberose Infusion.

Aerin fragrance coffret review
Aerin fragrance coffret review

Although these are all eau de parfums, I found lasting power to be not so great. The white floral scents (e.g. Lilac Path, Gardenia Rattan, Iris Meadow) all disappear within a few hours, which is really disappointing.

Despite that, I’m still completely in love with this set because Aerin’s fragrances all smell unique and different than the other fragrances on the market. You know sometimes you get that feeling of “I’ve smelled this somewhere,” but you never get that with Aerin. A full size 50mL bottle retails for US$110 / C$125. This coffret contains the full selection of 7 fragrances at 9mL each, which is a total of 63mL, for US$130. In terms of value, you’re paying very similar in terms of price per mL compared to the full size bottle, but you do get more selection with the coffret.

Not sure if this set will come back in stock anytime soon (maybe for Christmas?), but if it does, you definitely need to consider getting this either for yourself or for a friend. The entire set is not only good value, but you also get that great selection of fragrances.

Aerin fragrance coffret review


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