Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Advanced White P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence

Guerlain Blanc de Perle Whitening Essence review

I previously introduced you to the Guerlain Blanc de Perle range, and also reviewed the Foaming Cleanser and Toner, as well as the Refreshing Hydrating Cream and Whitening Night Cream. My favourite product of the range, and one that is the most effective at doing what it’s described to do, is the Blanc de Perle Advanced White P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence.

My skin profile: I have very dehydrated cheeks with a t-zone that gets oily. I occasionally get break-outs, usually 1-2 around that time of the month. My main skin concerns are hyper-pigmentation and dehydration in the cheek area and fine lines in the eye area. My ideal skincare products are ones that provide good moisture to my skin, absorb quickly and leave no left-over product sitting on top of my skin.

What it claims (from Advanced White P.E.A.R.L. Drop essence, with a high concentration of Advanced P.E.A.R.L. Complex and a divinely fresh and evanescent texture, releases its whitening power to effectively reduce the number, intensity, and size of dark spots and deactivate the process leading to future spots. Drop after drop, the skin becomes smoother, more translucent and more radiant. Day after day, the skin regains the immaculate perfection of the pearl.

Price: C$150 for 30mL

Texture/Scent: Texture is a light lotion-gel, and scent is powdery floral

The good: I used a few drops of this every evening on my face and neck for about 2 months, after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizer. After the first 2 weeks, I noticed a significant difference in the luminosity of my skin. My skin was super radiant, more even toned, smoother, and more well-rested; I looked healthy! It’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly, creating a slightly hydrated base for to help moisturizer glide on easier. While I was using this, my skin was also breaking up a lot from the winter climate and also from flying, but this product helped my acne spots heal faster, as well as lightened any scars that were the result of acne spots.

  • Made my skin brighter, more luminous, more even toned, smoother, and more well-rested
  • Helped to speed up healing of acne spots and also lighten acne scars
  • Absorbs easily
  • Drop applicator is convenient to use and for controlling the amount of product to use

The bad: I didn’t notice that it helped to lighten any existing hyperpigmentation on my face, i.e. my freckles (due to sun exposure) were still the same shade before and after. It’s also quite expensive for a 30mL bottle.

  • Does not lighten hyperpigmentation
  • Expensive

Overall: If my above comments were any indication, I absolutely love this serum. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and after just two short weeks of usage, my skin looked more glowy and felt healthier. I’ve used many, many brightening serums and brightening products in general before (my previous favourite was DiorSnow), but this one has trumped it all because of how effective it was, even my mom commented on how luminous I looked! I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a brightening serum.

Product: 19/20
Packaging: 4.5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Overall: 27/30 | A+
Repurchase? Yes!

Guerlain Blanc de Perle Whitening Essence review


Guerlain Blanc de Perle Whitening Essence ingredients


3 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Advanced White P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence

  1. Ooo I’m glad that it worked so well for you! I still haven’t opened any of mine yet. I just can’t bring myself to do it haha

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