Review: Fuse Gelnamel

Fuse Gelnamel review

I recently got a chance to try out the new Fuse Gelnamel system, which promises at-home results that are comparable to salon gel-nail application. I have a long and tumultuous history with my nails so I am always excited to try new products that can potentially save me the cost of salon visits!

For some background – I have oily nail beds and brittle nails. So regular nail polish is almost out of the question if I want something long-lasting. I’ve had gel nail polish applied at a salon before (which depending on the skill of the aesthetician has lasted me anywhere from ten days to three weeks) and I’ve also had acrylic overlay nails (these were my favorites, although they were a rather costly monthly expense).

I am generally a fan of gel polish. When applied at the salon it is usually strong enough to put up with the daily wear-and-tear of my fast-paced restaurant job. Therefore, I had a lot of high hopes for the Fuse Gelnamel.

Fuse Gelnamel review

The Good:

I received the Na-No way! Fuse Starter Kit (which is a bright kind of fuchsia color) for this review (priced at 29.99$ USD on their website). The application process for Fuse is very similar to what I’ve observed done in a salon. You are instructed to buff your nail, and then polish it with the provided solution and lint-free wipe. Then, you proceed to apply the polish in thin coats, curing each coat under the UV light before proceeding to the next. The curing process takes exactly 30 seconds, which when multiplied by ten fingers, and by roughly three coats (which is how many coats I found it took for the color to be even) it adds up to fifteen minutes that you spend just sitting there, waiting for the polish to cure. With the addition of actually applying the polish I found that it took me about half an hour to paint my. It was quite tedious.

However, my nails looked wonderfully glossy and immaculate once I was done. A really great thing about gel nail polish is that after the UV curing cycle is finished, your nails won’t smudge like with traditional polish. You can do this whole process right before bed and not have to worry about waking up with a bedsheet print all over your fingers.

Fuse Gelnamel review

The Not-So Good:

My first chip in the polish happened the very next day! And I hadn’t even been rough with my hands! By day three the wear on the polish was extensive, with a lot of peeling and chipping around the tips. Disappointed, but not discouraged, I wrote off this extremely poor performance to my lack of expertise with at-home gel systems, so I tried the process all over again. Much to my dismay, the longevity of the product did not improve the second time around. After giving it a few more tries with similar results, I decided that perhaps this would be best used on my toes (the UV lamp included in the kit comes with a removable top, which can be detached to accommodate toes). It is important to note that regular nail polish will last me about three weeks on my toes, before I either notice slight wear or my nails grow out too much.

I applied the Fuse Gelnamel to my toes right before a two-week vacation, and I noticed wear at around the fifth day. By the time I had returned from my trip, several of my toes were missing polish entirely.

So, I suppose the verdict is that this product is actually worse than regular nail polish of the non-gel variety. I have noticed that one significant difference between the Fuse Gelnamel and other at-home gel systems (as well as the gel application process at a salon) is the lack of base coat and top coat. Although Fuse promises that those are unnecessary with their all-in-one formula, I can’t help but wonder is this is the reason for the extremely poor longevity of the product.

Additionally, the selection of colors is rather sparse on the Fuse website. If you were to purchase the system and wanted to expand your collection of polishes, there are currently only 12 additional color variants available for purchase. I personally really like nude shades on my nails, and it seems like most of what is available is some sort of primary color.

So, in short, even though this is a rather inexpensive system, given the fact that it performs worse than a regular drugstore polish, I would advise saving yourself the $30+ and instead getting a regular $5.99 bottle of polish from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Fuse Gelnamel review

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2 thoughts on “Review: Fuse Gelnamel

  1. Hmm that’s too bad. I think you’re right – the lack of a base and top coat probably was the reason why it chipped so quickly. I do really like the look of a shiny gel polish but this one sounds like it’s not worth the hassle.

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