Experience: Hair cut & dye with Carver at Artel Salon

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Hello! Today I want to talk to you guys about hair. The reason I do a lot of hair product/gadget reviews here at Maddy Loves is because I lost the genetic hair lottery, big time. Not only do I have fine, flat, difficult-to-style hair, it is also naturally a mousy grey color and it refuses to grow much past my shoulders without breaking off at the ends. I typically wear sewn-in human hair extensions (which is a painful and lengthy process) and I am notoriously mistrusting of hair stylists due to a plethora of bad experiences in the past. My relationship with my hair ranges from full-blown resentment on bad days, to mild annoyance on good days, thus I am always on the look-out for the next best thing that could help me feel beautiful.

I wear my extensions pretty much all-year round, with the exception of the short week-long windows of time where I need to get the wefts re-installed. So when Carver (of www.hairbycarver.com) offered me a service in exchange for a review of his work, I was both pressed for time and hesitant due to bad salon experiences in the past. However, after snooping through his Instagram portfolio (https://instagram.com/hairbycarver/) my fears were alleviated when I realized Carver was incredibly skilled, and not only that, but he was fantastically accommodating with fitting me in for a service before I had to get my extensions re-installed.

Now, to be fair, my morning with Carver started with me running late. I was on my morning bus, texting Carver about running behind, and his response was to brew me a cup of fresh-ground coffee to greet me with upon my tardy arrival!  Immediately, I knew I was in good hands.

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Carver is currently operating out of the Artel Salon located at 3588 Fraser St, in Vancouver, BC. Artel is a brand-new salon that features a spacious, modern look with a somewhat rustic feel. Carver’s chair was conveniently located right next to a sunny window, giving me the best look at exactly what my hair looked like in natural daylight.

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Lately, my hair has been looking a little drab, and a little too yellow-toned for my liking. Despite rigorous use of purple-shampoo I have trouble keeping the golden tones at bay. I was looking for a subtle change to a cooler toned blonde, in addition to breaking up my root line with some softer lowlights. As a full-time student, I do not have the time or the energy to invest in my hair during the fall semester, so I needed something that could help transition me into the fall and not require constant upkeep.

Carver listened to all of my concerns and assured me that beautiful, voluminous hair was not just a far-off dream.  I felt like he truly understood my hair concerns and suggested a course of action that we were both happy with. The whole service (lowlights, highlights, balayage, toning, head-massage and styling) took us a little under three hours, and I was constantly entertained with pleasant conversation and fresh coffee the entire time. During my appointment I learned that Carver’s specialty is his color work, and his biggest strengths are balayage and ombrés, as well as some of the best head-massages around! Additionally, you can make a booking with Carver through his website, which is a great relief for those of us who don’t particularly enjoy making phone calls (such as myself…). Also, it might interest some of you to know that Carver isn’t shy about sharing the secrets of his trade, and he has recently launched a youtube channel where he helps the hair-challenged amongst us with styling tutorials!

Now, I can sing Carver praises until I am blue in the face, and I can tell you at great length all about how much confidence and joy I derive from my new, fresh color and style, but I believe it would be best to simply show you some photos and let Carver’s work speak for itself. So, let’s take a look at my before and afters:

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review
Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

As you can tell, my hair is pretty flat and pretty drab, with evident copper undertones.

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

Hello volume!! Also, notice the cooler toned blonde and the much softer transition between my roots and ends. I felt like a million bucks!

Hair By Carver Vancouver salon review

So, if you are in the Vancouver area and are looking to reinvigorate your look with a new color or style, consider giving Carver a call. You can take a look at his portfolio, as well as find links to his Instagram and YouTube channel by visiting his website at www.hairbycarver.com . More information about service pricing, as well as his extremely easy online booking system can be found there as well!

Hair By Carver @ Artel Salon
3588 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC
Book here

This post was written by Liza

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