Fast and (relatively) painless Brazilly wax from The Ten Spot!

Exterior Shot

Beloved Toronto beauty bar The Ten Spot recently opened up its first shop in Vancouver in the trendy neighbourhood of Yaletown. I was invited in to experience their signature Brazilly wax, which is taking everything off down there (or can leave a landing strip if you’re not as adventurous).

Exterior 2

I love the atmosphere of The Ten Spot – it’s super lively and feels very social, and a great environment for days out with the sister or a girls night out with the BFFs. Unlike spas, The Ten Spot plays more upbeat, happy music so that you can enjoy your service and leave in a good mood. The decor is modern, minimalist, and functional. There are several pedicure and manicure stations all in the front room, which is great if you want to go with a big of girlfriends. There’s enough space to mingle and chill out while you wait for each other to get services. In the back, there are two open facial areas for getting Dermalogica facials. I really like this open concept type of design, but I especially appreciate that the facial area is in the back because I’ve been to places where the facial area is in the front and it can make people feel self conscious.

skin bar

The Ten Spot Yaletown also features three wax rooms, each equipped with a TV and Netflix so that you can be entertained while you get your wax done, not that you really need it because I spent most of the time chatting with my esthetician, Samantha. She has over 7 years of experience waxing and was super good at helping me ease my way into my first Brazilian wax. The entire experience was smooth (ha ha!) and relatively painless. The Ten Spot uses lavender wax as its “regular” wax, which contains lavender oils for soothing irritation. For the more sensitive areas, hard wax is used because it sticks to hairs rather than to the skin around it so that it’s less painful. For your Brazilly at The Ten Spot, you can choose to take it all off, or another “style,” such as a landing strip, if you’re not ready to go hairless.

waxing room

The absolutely best part of my wax was the post-wax experience. Normally my skin gets itchy and irritated in the areas that’s been waxed – every single time I’ve had a bikini wax, this has been the case – but to my pleasant surprise, I have felt zero discomfort or irritation after the Brazilly at The Ten Spot. I purchased a bikini-area exfoliator “wand” to help keep ingrowns at bay, and so far I’ve been using it a lot on my underarm area and its also worked great.

I can’t rave about this place enough, the entire experience was great from start to finish. I didn’t feel pressured into buying anything, and the reception and esthetician was knowledgeable and made me feel welcome before and during my wax. Located conveniently near the Yaletown-Roundhouse skytrain station, I’d definitely come back to bb in the future.

The Ten Spot – Yaletown
1006 Mainland Street
(778) 379-5959

Brazilly Wall
Pedi2 Polish wall retail wall2

Thank you Patricia at The Ten Spot for the photos.


2 thoughts on “Fast and (relatively) painless Brazilly wax from The Ten Spot!

  1. I’ve been asked about getting a brazillian done.. but I’m way too shy. I had a bikini wax done once and that’s as far as I’m comfortable to go lol But I like what you have to say about this place and the pics look great! I would be interested in checking them out sometime.

    • Previously I was only going for regular bikini waxes, or French bikinis, but I’m glad I went with a Brazilian from The Ten Spot, definitely a good place for first timers!

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