Lush Cosmetics natural exfoliants in fight against microplastics and microbeads #BantheBead

lush ban the beads

Today I’m featuring a selection of natural exfoliants from Lush as part of their campaign to encourage consumers to stop using exfoliants that contains microplastics and microbeads. Microplastics are often added as exfoliants to products, but they are extremely harmful to the environment as they either take several years to break down, or they don’t break down at all. In the meantime, these microplastics are being ingested by fish and other animals, which can cause health and other issues to the ecosystem.

lush Life's a Beach review

Life’s a Beach (C$6.95 for 95g) is the newest body scrub from Lush, containing finely ground sea salt as well as sand for the deep exfoliation. It smells deliciously of vanilla-caramel, and leaves your skin feeling super smooth and cleansed. The best part is that 100% of the selling price (not 100% of the profits, but 100% of the entire $6.95 that you pay) goes to organizations protecting our waterways from microbead pollution.

lush buffy review

Buffy (C$6.95-22.95)is one of my favourite new body scrubs that also doubles as a body butter. Named after TV’s favourite heroine, the Buffy Body Butter scrub uses ground rice, ground almonds, and ground aduki beans as the exfoliant, hovering in a base of fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter. The exfoliants make your skin feel super soft and supple, while the cocoa and shea butters leave your skin feeling nice and moisturized – no additional body lotion needed! The addition of the lavender oil also means that it smells incredibly heavenly, and is great for relaxing before bed.

lush Sugar Scrub review

Sugar Scrub (C$6.25 for 100g) is a sugar-based scrub for the body that also contains fennel, lavender oil, and ginger. The solid form of this scrub is great for taking on vacation or when travelling. In addition, this scrub leaves your skin feeling smoother. The only downside is that the scrub crumbles and melts super fast in the shower, so you need to work extra quickly before it disappears. One tip is to break it up into little pieces first before using it.

lush Mint Julips review

Mint Julips (C$9.95 for 25g) is a gentle lip scrub formulated with sugar and jojoba oil. It also contains vanilla extract; tagetes oil, for its antibiotic, antimicrobial, disinfectant properties; and peppermint oil for that tingly, fresh sensation. This is great for using right before doing a bold statement lip because all of that sugar scrubs off the dead skin, and the jojoba oil helps to create a nice hydrated base for that lip colour to glide on.

Bottom line: all of these natural exfoliants create great scrubs for keeping your skin nice and smooth, without all that awful damage to the environment. My friend also went with me to try Lush Ocean Salt in stores with me and LOVED it. There are so many alternatives out there, there should be no reason why we still use exfoliators filled with microbeads.


6 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetics natural exfoliants in fight against microplastics and microbeads #BantheBead

  1. SUCH an important message! Half the battle is education – many people aren’t aware their products may contain microbeads (even TOOTHPASTE can have them? That’s nuts!) And since there are loads of alternatives, there’s really no need to continue producing products with microbeads.

    • Definitely! I have to admit sometimes I’m bad with it as well, people (myself included) may also just look for the most convenient/cost effective product without considering the environment impact. It’s important to educate!

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