Review: Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer review

Vichy is a well-known skin care brand that traditionally markets more to women but like many other established brands, Vichy has launched a line specifically for men.

The Idealizer Moisturizer comes in two versions: Frequent Shaver and 3-Day Beard and +.  The former has a focus on calming ingredients while the latter has more hydration and coating ingredients.  Since I tend to have stubble on more days than not, I tested the 3-Day Beard formulation.

What it claims (from

5-in-1 Multi-action.  The 1st multi-action moisturizers for sensitive skin that are adapted to men’s shaving habits.

Common active ingredients in both products:
– [Hyaluronic acid+Caffeine+Adenosine]: act on the upper part of the face, leaving the skin hydrated and fresh while reducing the signs of aging.

Specific active ingredients in 3-Day Beard and +:
– [Aquabioryl+Waxes]: provide skin with long lasting hydration and coating for a more supple and well-groomed beard.

Price: $29 CAD for 50ml

Texture/Scent: A very thin lotion that spreads easily.  A bit sticky but that quickly fades.  Happily the scent is not too fragrant.  A lot of men-only skin care is overloaded with perfumes which not only make it unappealing but also not as effective as it should be.  The alcohol used to make those scents dries out skin and counteracts the moisturizing ingredients.  The Idealizer Moisturizer definitely has a male-appropriate scent with end-notes of sandalwood, vanilla and a hint of pine.  It settles down fairly quickly and then has just a lingering scent.

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer review
The good:  I definitely rank this above typical drug store lotions.  My skin got along well with it.  With cheaper products I often find myself using more than one application, especially after a long shower.  Not so here.

  • Did leave skin hydrated with only one application.
  • Mild scent that’s not too strong but noticeable enough that I did receive complements on it.
  • Pump dispenser did a good job of providing the right amount.

The bad: The 50ml size is fairly small.  A toothpaste-sized amount actually goes a long way but when you compare on cost there are definitely some lower-priced alternatives.

  • Not the most economical
  • No unscented version available

Overall: A good product that really surprised me.  From the type and strength of scent to its hydrating ability Vichy has hit a lot of the right notes.  I definitely see that this is not just a reworked version of an existing product with a manly scent mixed in but something formulated specifically for men.  It is pricier than I would like but in this case my experience has been that the price is worth it.

Product: 18/20
Packaging: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5
Overall: 25.5/30 | A
Repurchase? Absolutely.

Thanks to Mark for another awesome guest review!

Ingredients for the Frequent Shaver

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer frequent shaver ingredients

Ingredients for the 3+ Beard

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer 3+ bearch ingredients

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer review

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