Review + swatches: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick, Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, and Transforming Effects Top Coats for Spring 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick and Lip Lacquer review

By now you’ve probably already seen these pop up all over the internet, but I’m going to reiterate the awesomeness that are the new Revlon Ultra HD line. The two products – the Ultra HD Lipstick and the Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are new for Spring 2015. The Ultra HD Lipstick features a wax-free gel technology formula that provides colour and definition to the lips without the heavy feel traditionally associated with wax-based lipsticks. The Ultra HD Lip Lacquer also utilizes the same wax-free gel technology to create high definition shine and colour.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick review
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick review

The shades I got to try were 899 Snapdragon and 875 Gladiolus in the Ultra HD Lipstick, and 520 Pink Sapphire in the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. 899 Snapdragon is a neutral brown, and 875 Gladiolus is a bad-ass creme blue-based red. 520 Pink Sapphire is a baby pink with silver shimmers. The formula of the HD Lipsticks are a dream – they are super weightless with buildable colour that can be natural with just one swipe, or intense with multiple swipes. The packaging is also lovely because it’s simplistic, and the clear cap allows users to immediately see and pick the colour they want to use. The HD Lip Lacquer, however, felt like any other lip gloss to me. I’m generally not a gloss wearer so I am probably biased, but I feel like it’s as heavy and sticky as any other lip gloss I’ve tried, so I’m not a fan. I definitely prefer the Ultra HD Lipsticks over the Lip Lacquers.

Revlon Ultra HD Laquer review

In addition, Revlon has released a series of Transforming Effects nail polish top coats to jazz up your existing shades of nail polish, or justify additional polish acquisitions. The three that I tried were 725 Cosmic Flakies, 745 Pink Glaze, and 790 Matte Top Coat. 725 Cosmic Flakies is a glitter top coat that uses big pieces of cellophane suspended in a clear base, 745 Pink Glaze is a shimmery pink top coat, and the 790 Matte Top Coat turns your polish matte. These were very cool to use and definitely helped made my nail polish look more interesting. I love Cosmic Flakies – it’s the perfect accent nail top coat for those who aren’t that into nail art. In addition, there are two new shades of Revlon Nail Enamel, 905 Sophisticated – a creme grey – and 805 Tempting – a shimmery gold. Both of these were opaque in 2 coats. I’ve generally had very good wear time with Revlon nail polishes, usually lasting me around 5-7 days with minimal tip wear or chipping.

Revlon Transforming Effect review

Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra HD Lipsticks, and if you’re a red lipstick fiend like me… run and buy Gladiolus! It’s such a gorgeous red. The Transforming Effects Top Coats are also cool and interesting to use.

The swatches

From left to right – Ultra HD Lipstick in Snapdragon, Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus, and Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Pink Sapphire

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Lip Lacquer swatches

From left to right – Nail Enamel in Sophisticated, Transforming Effects Top Coat in Cosmic Flakies over Sophisticated, Transforming Effects Top Coat in Pink Glaze over Sophisticated, Transforming Effects Top Coat in Matte Top Coat over Sophisticated, and Nail Enamel in Tempting.

Revlon Transforming Effect swatches
Revlon Transforming Effect review



4 thoughts on “Review + swatches: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick, Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, and Transforming Effects Top Coats for Spring 2015

  1. Pink Sapphire is so pretty but I agree that the formula for these are a bit heavy. This line seems so random; some colors are awesome, while others are decidedly fugly.

    • I haven’t tried the other ones, but I remember you saying that there was another gloss you tried that you really liked. Yeah it’s so odd how this is, like isn’t there someone overseeing the colour design?

  2. Aww too bad about the gloss. I was hoping to see a fancy review on it! Why would it even be called HD at all when it simply is just a typical gloss. :-/

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