Clinique invites you to their exclusive workshops for the World Congress of Dermatology

Clinique Counter WCD

The World Congress of Dermatology is the world’s premier, international gathering of dermatologists, taking place every four years.  This year, to celebrate Vancouver’s hosting of the World Congress of Dermatology, Clinique is partnering with Hudson’s Bay to offer Vancouver beauty enthusiasts the exclusive opportunity to learn the latest tips and techniques from Clinique’s team of global skin care and makeup experts.


There will be daily complimentary “You Time Services” consultations that you can sign up for, designed to teach or treat depending on the choice of service. In addition to the consultations, there are also specialized workshops taking place during this week, taking place with Clinique global experts from countries such as France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, United States, UK, and Canada. These sessions have targeted topics and are great for anyone who loves beauty and wants to learn more about a specific topic.

There are several sessions to choose from, and interested attendees can reserve a spot at one of the twice-daily workshops led by Clinique’s global experts from around the world. These workshops (some available in both English and Mandarin) will take place daily at 2pm and 4pm, and participants can reserve their seat with the purchase of a $20 – $40 HBC gift card depending on the session.  Some session options include:

  • Instaglow: How to get vibrant, selfie-ready, radiant skin
  • Daily Detox: Expert advice on how to protect skin against the effects of pollution and the environment
  • Eye-Dos: How to get brows that wow, and how to wear the latest eye makeup trends
  • Clear Skin: Examining the real causes of acne and how to get on the path to clear, unblemished skin
  • Flawless Fast: Expert tips on finding the perfect foundation match, and application tricks to making it look flawless
  • Pick Your Pout: Let the experts show you how to use the power of lip colour to make teeth look brighter, lips fuller, creating the perfect nude lip or the trendy ombre look
  • Jump Start: What are the common causes of skin aging? The science of looking younger and how to create smooth, contoured and even toned skin

In addition to the advice and one-on-one attention from these international experts, Clinique will also be providing participants with special token of appreciation gifts, and complimentary samples custom-fit to their skin concerns. You can also use your gift card towards anything at The Bay.


  • Time and dates: June 8-13, 2015, 2PM and 4Pm
  • Place: Clinique, The Bay Downtown Vancouver
  • How:
    • For the workshops: purchase a gift card from The Bay worth $20-$40 and call the counter to reserve your spot
    • For the “You Time Services” consultations: call the counter to book your space



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