Review + swatches + look – Lise Watier Rivages collection for summer 2015

Lise Watier Rivages collection

Hold on to your hats, because we have a winner here in the Lise Watier Rivages collection for summer 2015. For the first time in a long time, an entire collection of products have all been winners in terms of quality and the overall colour combination. The Rivages collection contains two star products: a limited edition Palette Rivages, a 10-pan mega-palette of neutral eyeshadows; and Rivages Bronzing Powder, a giant powder bronzer that combines bronze, pink, and gold tones to create a sun-kissed look.

lise watier palette rivages

Palette Rivages (C$54 – limited edition) is a must have. I will say it again, RUN, do not walk, and go out and buy this palette. The texture of these shadows are just incredible – smooth, creamy, and uber pigmented. It reminds me of the Feline palette from last fall in that the eyeshadows just apply, blend, and wear so easily and beautifully. It is ultra fool-proof, and not much blending is required in order to get a beautiful look. The shades in this palette are relatively neutral, with select shades running a bit cooler or warmer, but can still be worn together for a put-together look.  It also has a good combination of daytime and nighttime intense colours, which make this palette great for leaving at work to do touchups during the day, or to add a bit of intensity for an after-work event.

The only disappointing thing about this palette is that it comes with two measly double-ended sponges. Lise Watier could have gone the extra mile and made this an extremely luxurious palette but introducing a double-ended brush, such as those in the UD Naked palettes. That being said, the outside packaging is also gorgeous in that it’s a mother-of-pearl-like case. I have no doubts that I’ll be taking this with me to a lot of places. Compared to the Shu Uemura Shu:Palette, the Palette Rivages is better built and feels more hefty. If you can’t get ahold of the Shu:Palette, or if that one is too far out of your budget, the Lise Watier Palette Rivages is a very good alternative with the same level of quality in a beautiful packaging.

lise watier rivages bronzing powder

The Rivages Bronzing Powder (C$39 – limited edition) is a powder bronzer housed in a giant case that comes with a convenient, equally big mirror. Made with a combination of bronze, pink, and gold shades, this bronzer is ultra smooth, very pigmented, and gives off the most beautiful bronzey glow without being orange at all. I don’t generally wear bronzers but this one I can see myself wearing a lot because a light touch will give you a sunkissed, natural looking glow. If you want to look very tanned, it’s possible with the Rivages Bronzing Powder as well because its not orange. Overall, it’s a great bronzing powder to have if you enjoy using bronzers.

Lise Watier Rivages collection

The limited edition Blush Fondant Supreme in Sand (C$30) is a pretty muted pink shade that works beautifully with the rest of the collection. The texture of the Blush Fondant Supremes are a lightweight, creamy blush with good pigmentation. Sand provides just the right touch of pink on the cheeks that will complement the golden glow from the Rivages Bronzing Powder, as well as the neutral eyes created by the Palette Rivages. I believe that everyone should have this type of muted pink blush in their collection as it works so well with any kind of eye and lip makeup, and is also flexible to wear during the day or at night.

The 24 Hours Glam Eyeshadow (C$23) sticks are one of my favourite stick eyeshadow formulas. They last FOREVER on the eyes, only removable with eye makeup remover. They are amazing for a night out, or if you’re going to be outdoors and don’t want your makeup to melt off. The two shades I have for summer 2015, both permanent, are Chic Glam, a shimmery taupe, and Sexy Glam, a light peachy pink. Both are great for layering underneath your powder eyeshadow as a primer, or to wear on your lower lash line to accent your eye makeup.

Lise Watier makes some of the best mid-end lipsticks, and their Rouge Sublime (C$23) is an ultra creamy, very pigmented line of lipsticks that introduces a few more new shades with the summer collection. The two shades I have are Amour, a creamy pink, and Ginger, a brown. I probably won’t wear Ginger very much but if you have darker skin tones, Ginger would look amazing, and Amour is such a flattering pink shade for those with lighter skin tones.

Lastly, we have the Smokey Kohl Velours in Nude Velours (C$21), an incredible nude eye liner that is amazing on the waterline or the inner lash line to create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. The Smokey Kohl Velours formula is long wearing and dries down matte for the most natural eye makeup look.


Palette Rivages (top row, then bottom row)

Lise Watier Palette Rivages swatches
Lise Watier Palette Rivages swatches

Rivages Bronzing Powder and Blush Fondant Supreme in Sand

Lise Watier Rivages Bronzing Powder and Blush Fondant Supreme in Sand

24 Hours Glam Eyeshadow in Chic Glam and Sexy Glam, Rouge Sublime in Amour and Ginger

lise watier 24 Hours Glam Eyeshadow in Chic Glam and Sexy Glam, Rouge Sublime in Amour and Ginger

The look

On the eyes, wearing Lise Watier Rivages palette – the top middle shade as an all-over wash of colour, with the 2nd to right shade on top to accent the eyes and create a bit of a contour. The left most shade on the bottom was used as a highlight on the inner corners, the right most shade on the right was used to line the outer corner of the bottom lash line, and the right most shade was used to line the top lash line.

On the cheeks, wearing Lise Watier Rivages Brozing Palette, and on the lips, wearing Lise Watier Rouge Sublime in Amour.

Lise Watier Rivages review
Lise Watier Rivages review
Lise Watier Rivages review
Lise Watier Rivages review
Lise Watier Rivages review


12 thoughts on “Review + swatches + look – Lise Watier Rivages collection for summer 2015

    • This is such a hard question! The Shu:Palette has more selection in terms of shades – there are darker, more smokey shades in different finishes, whereas the Lise Watier Rivages palette has less variation compared to the Shu:Palette. Lise Watier has 10 shades versus the Shu has 16, but also keep in mind the Shu Palette is double the price of the Lise Watier. I’d more likely take the Lise Watier palette on me on vacation, for example, whereas the Shu Uemura palette I’d keep at home but it’d be the first thing I take out if I want a neutral look. Not sure if that was helpful… I really love both of them.

  1. That blush is amazing! I’ve never seen this makeup line, in person, but I’ve always heard good things. The next time I’m in Canada I’ll make a point of seeking this brand out. By the way, I love your freckles! Freckles look beautiful on everyone.

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