My obsession with Saje continues with the Saje AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer & Diffuser Blends

Saje AromaOm review

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a media event at the Saje boutique on Robson and Thurlow in Vancouver. I was joined by my fellow Vancouver bloggers, writers, and media personalities to get reintroduced to the local brand that is Saje. If you follow my Instagram, it’s no secret that I am completely in love with this brand, from their famed Pocket Pharmacy (or the Home Pharmacy Remedy Bar) to their nebulizers and diffuser blends, I use something from the brand every day.

The Saje boutique, particularly the diffuser blend blend wall, is my happy place. Every time I walk into the store, I immediately feel de-stressed and calm, and I just love that zen feeling.

Saje AromaOm review

I walked away from the store with the AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer, which is their largest sized nebulizer that has a 300mL water tank and can run on two settings – 7.5 hours on high and 20 hours on low. It also has some timer settings that allow you to run it for a bit when you doze off to sleep, and then shut off automatically after 2-3 hours. The nebulizer itself has a ceramic build, which is super durable and looks ultra classy. Because it is an ultrasonic nebulizer, it doesn’t use heat to diffuse the water and essential oils into the air, and thereby doesn’t ruin the health benefits of the essential oils. It’s also very quiet; the most I can hear is the sound of water misting and not much else. The sound is very calming to use as a sleeping aid as well.

saje happiness kit review

I paired my nebulizer with the Happiness Diffuser Blend Kit, which is a collection of uplifting and refreshing scents. This kit includes:

  • Liquid Sunshine, for a citrus-fueled burst of revitalizing energy;
  • Refresh, for some spearmint-charged vigour in your day;
  • Citrus Dreams, for a delicious infusion orange, grapefruit, lemon, and neroli; and
  • Cloud Nine, to uplift your spirits and have you walking on air.

I’ve been mostly using Liquid Sunshine which is very citrusy and just smells really fresh, making my room smell like happiness! It contains essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime & mandarin, which are all happy scents and work really well together to create an uplifting environment.

I also purchased several more Saje products that night, including Goddess Perfume (oh em gee, smells SO good) and a big bottle of Unwind diffuser blend. You can see that my Saje collection has grown exponentially over the last few months! While it has become a hefty investment, it’s much cheaper than therapy so I’m fairly certain I will continue to purchase from the brand.

Have you tried anything from Saje?

saje home remedy bar review
saje diffuser blend review


7 thoughts on “My obsession with Saje continues with the Saje AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer & Diffuser Blends

  1. Not ashamed to admit that the last time I went to a Lululemon store, I walked over to the corner where their AromaOm was just to smell Liquid Sunshine!

  2. You totally picked the right colour in the AromaOm lol. It goes so well with all your stuff. On the other hand, I’m having difficulty photographing my black one because all the good places to photograph it in are also dark XD

  3. I have the same nebulizer and I love it! Coincidentally, I also have Liquid Sunshine in the home right now too! I always feel SO GOOD whenever I enter Saje stores – I find their customer service is also top notch and they all have such good interpersonal skills, imo.

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