Review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ SPF 15

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ review

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ is a updated and reformulated of the popular Everlasting Foundation. Touted to provide medium to full coverage with a long-wearing, 18 hour hold. It contains bamboo powder to mattify, organic quinoa to help maintain supple skin and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, as well as a mineral-based sunscreen factor to provide UVA and UVB protection. It’s available in a whopping 19 shades (with 10 available in Canada), in both pink and olive undertones to suit the needs of every woman. The shade I’m wearing is 105 Nude, which is a yellow-toned light shade; it is a little bit light for me, but the colour blends really well into my skin so it doesn’t look too pale or ghastly.

The Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ (C$41) has an ultra lightweight texture that just melts into your skin. It feels weightless, and also sets matte so you don’t need to powder. In terms of coverage, I find it’s more medium than full. It does a good job at covering my redness, but it’s not heavy or cakey. As for oil control, it fares better than my other foundations in that it lasts until early afternoon without a blot. Even as I blot, the amount of oil that gets blotted out isn’t as much as the other foundations as well (gross, I know), making this above average in oil control. With regards to the long-wearing claim, I do find that it does wear longer than my other foundations without melting off my face, but I’m not sure it lasts the full 18 hours as usually after 2-3 rounds of blotting, most of the foundation will have come off my face. I will say that it lasts probably 10-12 hours and then you will need to touch up with powder or reapply your makeup. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though since no one will look good with the same foundation on their face after 18 hours.

The major downside of this foundation that bothers me is that because of its drier texture, it’s hard to blend this into my skin without it clinging onto any dry spots. In fact, regardless of how well I moisturize, it seems to find those one or two dry spots and just clings on for dear life. Sometimes I end up having to go over top the foundation with a bit of moisturizer, which is a hassle and also ruins the matte finish of the foundation. Because it is so dry, it also sinks into my pores a bit, accentuating them rather than covering them up. This can be fixed by using a silicone-based primer though.

Overall, I’m not too impressed with this foundation. I feel like it leaves my skin looking dull and flat rather than natural and luminous. I know this can be an issue with a lot of full coverage foundations but the coverage on this one isn’t full either… so it’s not just too standout. If you have combination or oily skin, or if you’re okay with using a hydrating primer underneath, then I recommend you check out the Clarins Everlasting Foundation+. It is a bit more high maintenance than I like so I wouldn’t reach for this on a daily basis, but if I know I will be out later than usual then I will go for this as my base for the day because it really does last longer than my other foundations.

Clarins Evelasting Foundation+ is available now at Clarins counters at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, the Bay, and other places Clarins is sold.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ review
Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ review
Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ review

8 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ SPF 15

  1. I’ve read few reviews (very positive) of this foundation and even wanted to buy it sight unseen but now I doubt if it’s gonna suit me if You say that it clings to dry patches and sinks into pores…will have to try it first 🙂

    • I definitely think it’s something you should try first, especially since everyone has different skin types. I hope you find what you’re looking for! 🙂

  2. Aw that’s too bad that it didn’t work very well. With all the awesome formulations out there now, this one doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

  3. I wonder if it’s more for combo or oily skin? I really dislike foundation that highlights dry spots so I won’t probably be testing this one out soon. Thanks for your honest review!

    • I think it is more meant for non-dry skin types, although I’ve been trying to moisturize more or use a hydrating primer and still no hope. I have read a lot of positive reviews though, but it’s just proof that it really depends on the person’s skin! Thanks for reading 🙂

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