Beautiful bottles & beautiful scents – My Burberry EDP, Giorgio Armani Si EDP, and L’Occitane en Provence Arlesienne EDT

I love collecting beautiful perfume bottles. I rarely wear perfume, just because I work in an office so I like to respect the people using the space around me, but I enjoy spritzing various scents on weekends, or just looking at the perfume bottles sitting nicely on my vanity. Today I’m sharing with you some of the recent fragrance discoveries that have the most beautiful bottles.

My Burberry

My Burberry review

My Burberry (C$98 for 50mL) was inspired by the classic Burberry trench coat and its British heritage. With notes of Sweat Pea, Bergamot, Gernium, Golden Quince, Freesia, Patchouli, Rain-Tipped Damas,, and Centifolia Roses, the scent is elegant and classy. Of the three presented here, this is my least favourite because I have a hard time putting a finger on exactly what I’m smelling. The notes all kind of meddle together, which is confusing and something I’m not a huge fan of in fragrances.

My Burberry review

The packaging itself is gorgeous – housed in a rectangular glass bottle with topper that’s inspired by the buttons on a trench coat. The fabric ribbon that’s used to tie around the neck of the bottle is the same ribbon used in stores to accent customer purchases, so the experience is very authentic. If you can’t justify the high price tag of the Burberry trench coat, this is a great alternative to get that Burberry experience.

My favourite Burberry fragrance is Burberry Body, so I recommend you check that one out as well!

My Burberry review

Giorgio Armani Si

Armani Si review

Armani Si ($95 for 50mL) is my favourite of the three perfumes. It has top notes of blackcurrant nectar (cassis), with middle notes of freesia and may rose, and base notes of vanilla, patchouli, and musky wood. It is what I call an adult fruity scent – the blackcurrant nectar delivers the fruity but the rest of the notes compliment and darken the blackcurrant nectar. The result is a warm, happy scent that is ultra long lasting and sophisticated. Cate Blanchett is the spokesmodel for Si, and I cannot think of a person who better represents the spirit of Si as well as she does.

The bottle design is simplicity as its best. The tall, rectangular glass bottle with the black stone topper, simply engraved with the words Si and Giorgio Armani, looks modern and refined on the vanity-top. If you love fruity fragrances but don’t like the sweetness that usually comes with a fruity scent, this one is worth a look.

L’Occitane en Provence Arlesienne

L'Occitane Arlesienne review

Arlesienne (C$48 for 75mL) by L’Occitane en Provence was introduced for the holiday season last year. It is named after and inspired by Arlesienne, women from the Arles region of Provence in France. With top notes of saffron and mandarin orange, middle notes of rose and lily of the valley, and base notes of violet, sandalwood, and tonka beans, this scent is a bright floral. On first sniff, it is very obviously rosy, but then I get more of the mandarin orange in there to become a citrus-floral. While this scent is beautiful, it doesn’t last very long (as with most other L’Occitane fragrances I’ve tried), dissipating completely on me after 3-4 hours of wear. The good thing is a large bottle of this is relatively inexpensive, so you can keep on spritzing this throughout the day.

I love the glass bottle of this; it is extremely feminine-looking and is just beautiful. It is a tall glass bottle with a rose gold topper, and at the back, there are flowers etched into the glass itself.

L'Occitane Arlesienne review

3 thoughts on “Beautiful bottles & beautiful scents – My Burberry EDP, Giorgio Armani Si EDP, and L’Occitane en Provence Arlesienne EDT

  1. Hi there…just wanted to give you a Big shout out…Lovely blog!
    The layout has a very fresh and clean feel to it.
    I love your perfume collection and share the same love for beautiful scents!
    Followed your blog…great work ☺
    Love from India

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