Going to the prom? Here are some inexpensive options

I was recently introduced to CheapDressUK, a website specializing in inexpensive formal wear, including wedding dresses, ball gowns, and prom dresses. It offers standard and custom sizing, as well as free shipping. The website also offers user reviews where you can check out feedback from other buyers of a dress you have your eye on. As I was browsing the website, three different dresses caught my eye. I have several friends getting married in the next two years as well, so if they’re doing formal weddings or need bridesmaid dresses, these are also great options.


This black number first caught my eye. It’s a full-on lace evening dress (which already deems it a winner in my eyes), with cap sleeves, and a bit of baring skin around the shoulder and chest area. I have a shorter version of this dress made by Banana Republic and I love it, so this one is a longer, more formal version that would be great for any occasion that calls for a floor-length dress.


The second dress is a white one-shoulder evening dress with embroidery around the shoulder and the waist area. This dress is beautiful and I can see this as something a bride at a destination wedding would wear, with the flowy drapery around the waist (hint hint to a certain friend doing a destination wedding next year!).


This third one is a pink evening dress, in the most popular pink shade of the last 2-3 years – blush! You can see I really like one-shoulder dresses. I think they’re demure yet still sexy because of that one shoulder baring. This dress would be the perfect bridesmaid dress, or as a prom dress.

Are you attending any events this year that require full-length gowns?

This post was written by me and sponsored by CheapDressUK.


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