New awesome discovery – Saje Pocket Pharmacy

saje pocket pharmacy review

Recently, due to some rough times in my life, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Saje. Saje is a Vancouver-based brand of natural healing and aromatherapy products that help to improve lifestyles with the usage of essential oils. The Pocket Pharmacy set (C$49.95) is a set of five essential oil blends each with a specific purpose:

  • Peppermint Halo – featuring essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, rosemary, lavender, vetiver to help with headache relief.
  • Immune – featuring essential oils of tea tree, pine needle, rosemary, geranium, eucalyptus, peppermint, certified organic cinnamon to heal the body during and after an illness, and also to boost the immune system if used regularly.
  • Eater’s Digest – featuring essential oils of fennel, peppermint, black pepper, roman chamomile, myrth to soothe the stomach and digestive system after a large meal.
  • Pain Release – featuring essential oils of lavender, marjoram, peppermint, roman chamomile, rosemary, cajeput & eucalyptus to relieve muscle soreness and pain.
  • Stress Release – featuring essential oils of lavender, orange, roman chamomile, vetiver, geranium, clary sage & myrtle to relieve stress.

saje pocket pharmacy review

I’ve had positive experiences using all of these remedies, in particular Peppermint Halo (I’m a regular sufferer of bad headaches), Stress Release (my day job is extremely stressful), and Immune (to prevent myself from getting sick when everyone around me were sick). The remedies do really work! I used to be a regular user of Advil for headaches and since I got Peppermint Halo, I’ve yet to had to take a single Advil pill. The peppermint also helps to clear the sinuses, and provide a cooling sensation that can also help to relieve muscle tension around the shoulder and neck area (when applied directly to the shoulder and back of the neck). Immune is also great to use to calm sore throats and to clear any stuffy noses. Stress Release is a non-brainer – I basically keep it at my desk during the day to sniff on whenever I need it. Eater’s Digest is particularly useful after those all-you-can-eat hot pot sessions, and Pain Release is great for muscle tension on my shoulders and neck due to computer usage.

saje pocket pharmacy review

I carry the pouch with me everywhere in my purse so that I can apply and reapply during the day, or wherever I am, when needed. The compact pouch is not only great for carrying the remedies, you can use it as a makeshift wallet or makeup pouch on nights out as well. The best part of that little pouch? It’s made from recycled water bottles.

saje pocket pharmacy review

After becoming addicted to their Pocket Pharmacy, I also went out to buy myself the aromaBreeze, one of their nebulizers, and well as the Good Health Diffuser Blend Kit, a collection of four different scents that each serve a specific purpose to create better health for the user. The aromaBreeze is amazing – it acts as a humidifier and an ultrasonic nebulizer, dispersing essential oils into the air, lasting a whopping 8-10 hours running time (it says 6-8 on the website but I’ve had it for 10 hours straight before). I’ve been most recently using the Tranquility diffuser blend and it’s really helped to de-stress and promote a better sleep environment.

Using all natural ingredients and real essential oils, Saje guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in all of their products, so you can try out their products with no obligations. Saje has 22 brick & mortar stores across Canada, as well as an e-commerce store, all of which you can pick up the Pocket Pharmacy Kit.

At the end of the day, I recommend each and every person at least go check out a Saje store. I have found that it’s helped to improve my life in a positive way, so it’s definitely worth a look!

saje pocket pharmacy review


8 thoughts on “New awesome discovery – Saje Pocket Pharmacy

  1. Thanks for the information. I live right by a Saje and have bought an air freshener type product there, I will have to check this out. You are such a good writer! Love your blog!

    • Thank you Jessica! That’s so sweet of you to say 🙂

      Their diffuser blends are so great for lighting up a room. I have Liquid Sunshine running in my nebulizer (diffuser) right now and it just makes my room smell like happiness!

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  3. Just picked up a pocket pharmacy (special red Canada edition), and a few other things. When I got to the register, I was offered a special price on the yoga kit which includes another peppermint halo, a disinfectant, and a facial spray. LOVE IT. I came back to work, and now my cubicle smells amazing since we had to open everything and have a sniff.

    The peppermint halo works for my son’s migraines. It may not take the pain away, but it relaxes him enough that he doesn’t throw up anymore.

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