Gadget review: Aria Beauty Truffle Ionic Mini Blow Dryer

Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review

I was recently offered the chance to try the Aria Beauty Mini Blow Dryer (in the color ‘truffle’) which is a nifty little gadget by a local company, and it retails for $69.99 CAD. I’ve been incorporating this blowdryer into my routine for about a month and a half now, and I am very pleased with its performance!  It is meant to be a small, travel-sized item that packs quite the punch at 1200 watts.

It’s no secret that I wear hair extensions, and because mine are sewn-in via the weave method, it’s incredibly important for me to get the spot where the wefts meet my scalp to be absolutely dry after a shower. I’ve been using the straightening attachment to direct the stream of air right into the base of the hair weft, and it’s done a marvellous job of ensuring that my extensions are properly dried and cared for.

Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review

I am also a fan of the product’s velvety finish! Upon receiving the dryer I was initially worried that it would attract all sorts of product residue due to its subtle texture, but it has amazingly stayed as clean and product-free as the day I first opened the box.  Additionally, the packaging is simply gorgeous and has a magnetic closure, for that small added hint of luxury. It would make a beautiful gift! From the photos where I’m holding the dryer, you can see that it’s quite tiny. Although it is not as powerful as a full-sized dryer, this little guy is still more powerful than I had anticipated. It’s the perfect item to take travelling with you (did I mention that it’s a dual wattage product? Because it is!) and a great upgrade to the built-in hairdryers commonly offered at hotels.

Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review

When I round-brush my hair using the Aria dryer, I find that my hair feels softer and less frizzy than it does after being dried with my drugstore model, so it does deliver on its promise for a static and frizz-free look.

My only issue with the product is what appears to me to be a very jarring design flaw – why doesn’t it have a fold-up handle? For something that is designed to be small, light-weight and travel friendly I simply don’t understand why there isn’t a hinge on the handle to facilitate space-saving. I feel like this dryer could have easily gone from “I will put this in my suitcase” to “it would fit into my purse” if there had been just a tad more thought put into its design.

Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that I was also given the Aria 25 mm Tourmaline Ceramic Clipless Curler (C$139.99), and I was not satisfied with the product at all. The curls unraveled and refused to keep their shape mere moments after finishing each section, and despite attempting to urge them along with both mousse and hairspray I could not manage to get the wand to work for my hair. My hair is very fine but also very stubborn when it comes to curling, so I need a tool that does the job quickly and effectively. After some struggling, I found that I ultimately missed using a traditional curler with a clip, as the amount of time I would have needed to keep my hair wrapped around the barrel of this wand before the style actually lasted would have probably sooner burned my hair right off.

So while I would definitely recommend the Aria Beauty Mini Blow Dryer, especially as an item to take travelling with you to save your hair from the damage of the built-in hotel dryers, I would recommend passing on the Tourmaline Ceramic Clipless Curler altogether. At the hefty price of $139.99, I feel you could accomplish a more long-lasting curl or wave with a $30 Marcel Iron (which is my ultimate go-to curling iron of choice, by the way).

Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review
Aria Ionic Mini Blow Dryer review


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