Review + swatches + look: Lise Watier Baiser Velours matte liquid lipsticks #MyKissStory

Lise watier baiser velours review

For Spring 2015, Lise Watier has introduced a lined of matte liquid lipsticks – Baiser Velours (C$27). Baiser Velours is available in nine beautiful and rich shades. The three I received were Love Kiss, Eternal Kiss, and Party Kiss. Love Kiss is a warm-toned bright pink, Eternal Kiss is a blue-based rich red, and Party Kiss is a cool-toned fuchsia. It comes in a long slim tube with a flat doe foot applicator.

The formula is very similar, if not identical, to the Velvet Lip Lacquer released as a limited edition to the last fall’s Feline collection (reviewed and swatched here, and used in a look here). It has a matte finish, and when dried, feels super lightweight, like you’re not wearing anything at all. It was extremely comfortable to wear, especially for a matte finish. It is super easy to apply, as normally with bright lipsticks you’d likely need a lip brush for precision application, but due to the relatively pointy tip of the doe foot applicator, you can achieve very clean lines very easily without the need for a lip brush. The colours, as you can see in the swatch photos below, are phenomenal. These photos were taken with just one swipe of colour, and they are super rich and deep. On the lips, they look incredible and is definitely not for the lighthearted or casual lipstick wearer.

It’s not entirely transfer-proof like the Velvet Lip Lacquer released last year, and I also found it pretty smudgeable with either a napkin (I ended up with some on my chin after lunch) or your finger, if you’re not careful. This could be good because you can easily wipe it off anywhere that you don’t want it, compared to other liquid lipsticks that not only won’t budge, but also stains whatever surface it touches.

I’m not a huge fan of the packaging; I have three of these and it’s hard to tell which shade is which, so in the future it’d be awesome if Lise Watier created transparent packaging, or at least some colour indicator on the cap or something to allow users to easily identify which colour they’re picking up. My biggest dislike about this lipstick is that I found it to be quite drying. I wore this two days in a row and by the end of the second day, my lips were pretty chapped. I applied lip balm overnight and also before applying this during the day, but they were still left pretty parched. Due to the dryer nature of the product, they also migrated and stayed on any dry spots or lip lines, and even the application of lip balm on top of the lipstick could not save the patchiness.

Even with the dryness, I still really like the Lise Watier Baiser Velours lipsticks. The light texture and the beautiful colours just draw me to them, and I can always just give a bit more TLC to my lips after each wear, which is no big deal. Overall, definitely recommend you check these out!

The swatches

From left to right: Love Kiss, Eternal Kiss, and Party Kiss

Lise watier baiser velours swatches

The look

Wearing Lise Watier Baiser Velours in Party Kiss. You can also see me wearing Love Kiss on Instagram here.

Lise watier baiser velours review
Lise watier baiser velours review

I love the press kit packaging! It’s so nice when brands take time to personalize the kits, it really shows that they care. Thanks, Lise Watier!

Lise watier baiser velours review

6 thoughts on “Review + swatches + look: Lise Watier Baiser Velours matte liquid lipsticks #MyKissStory

    • Aww that’s too bad, but I do notice that the shades don’t have a huge difference between them, they’re all really bright in-your-face colours. If you’re a neutral lip wearer, then you’re out of luck 😦

  1. These remind me a lot of Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick! The formula, opacity, down to the packaging and color. 😀 The Hourglass one has clear window, though, so it’s probably easier to spot. But the formula can be quite drying all the same.

    Party Kiss totally brightens up your face! Love!

    • Thank you, Jaa! 🙂 I’ve never tried the Hourglass ones but now that you’ve mentioned it… I should go take a look. I love this formula, it’s just so effortless.

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