Review: La Fille de la Mer’s Spicy Shaving Soap

1970868_10154587831895317_1228660646572591508_nToday, I am excited to introduce my first guest post by a man! Thanks to my awesome friend, and guest contributor, Liza for enticing her fiance Mark to also come review products for me. Thanks Liza and Mark 😀

La Fille de la Mer primarily makes skin care products for women but they do have a few for the gents in your life.

Shaving products are some of the most personal items a man can use but they are also among the most generic. A good cream or soap’s main purpose is to moisturize the skin, open the pores and prepare it for the sometimes rough treatment to come. The qualities shown above and beyond those basic requirements is what can make a man fiercely loyal to his favourite brand.

What it claims (from La Fille de la Mer):  What could be better than an old fashioned spicy shaving soap to replace your traditional shaving cream? It’s economic and ecologic to use!
For normal skin types, this shaving soap is made with spruce, eucalyptus and ginger essential oils.

Price: $35 CAD for 4.2 oz bowl

Texture/Scent: Thick, dense foam that clings well. Unspecific, mild scent.

The good: Once you get it on your face it has a strong presence. Foams out of a can tend to feel light and airy, sitting unevenly on the surface. A brush-on soap is more likely to properly soak the skin. This one provides a thick, even lather without messy excess. We were given their matching shaving brush to test and it performed well.

  • Thick, even layer
  • Mild scent for sensitive noses

The bad: The Spicy Shaving Soap was not that spicy. Despite the presence of coconut oil high up in the ingredient list, you really could not make it out in the scent. If you’re looking for a scent to connect with this will not provide it to you.

The soap comes formed to the bowl but loose inside of it. If you have a heavy hand using the brush the soap will often rotate freely inside of the bowl, making the whole process take more time than it should. This needs a very light touch to get the brush lathered up. I feel that once the bowl is more than half-gone it might be difficult to lather up what’s left.

The soap also left my skin feeling a bit tight and dry afterwards.

  • A bit challenging to use
  • Not distinctive in any way
  • Drying

Overall: This soap will cover the basics reasonably well. The ceramic bowl it comes in is a nice item and many people will no doubt enjoy keeping it. The scent is unspecific as not to offend. If you’re not particularly attached to your current product give it a go. I used it in conjunction with the shaving brush, which was scratchy (but also inexpensive).

Product: 15/20
Packaging: 2.5/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 19.5/30 | C+
Repurchase? No. Likely try something else.


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