Review + swatches + look: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints & Black Ecstasy Mascara

Armani Eye Tints and black ecstasy mascara review

The new Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Tints (C$39) have made their way across the Internets recently and I have to say it outright: the hype is real! Available in 12 colour-rich shades, with something for all occasions.  The Eye Tints are technically just liquid eyeshadows, which is nothing innovative, but what is good about these that make them stand out from the rest is twofold – one, that they deliver incredibly rich colour in just one swipe, and two, that they stay on like liquid tattoos until you remove them. They come with a doe foot applicator that you can dab directly onto the lids, or you can dab your brush on the applicator for a less intense look.

Armani Eye Tints review

Like other liquid eyeshadows, you do need to blend them out with a brush or your fingers, after which they will dry and set until you remove them. I got about 10 seconds of blending time before they set, which was plenty of time for me to buff out the colour and blend everything together. During this time, you can remove or correct any mistakes, and you can also intensify by layering more eyeshadow on top.

The two I tested were 10 Senso, a rich plummy brown, and 12 Gold Ashes, a glittery white gold highlight. The two colours combined created a beautiful neutral smokey look. Gold Ashes is extremely shimmery and glittery, and Senso is shimmery but still delivers a good punch of colour. I wasn’t a big fan of Gold Ashes as I prefer more subtle shimmer over glitter, and I found that the glitter from Gold Ashes also migrated a lot even after the cream eyeshadow had set. Senso definitely was my favourite of the two, as the colour was rich and you can layer it for a more intense smokey look, or just use a bit for a more daytime friendly look. For some reason, I felt like Gold Ashes was also slightly thinner in texture compared to Senso, which is creamier.

Armani Eye Tints senso review
Armani Eye Tints gold ashes review

A recent addition to the Armani Beauty family is the Black Ecstasy Mascara (C$36), touted to create the maximum volume, length, and curl in one tube. I tested out the shade Obsidian Black, which is a deep, rich black. It does create a lot of volume and length to my lashes, and curl retention is also relatively good (not as amazing as the Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara though, reviewed here). I used about three coats of this mascara on my lashes and by the third coat, my lashes had started to droop a bit but did not straighten out completely. The volume and length were both excellent, as you can see in the photos below that my lashes looked really full and long. My lashes also stayed pretty soft throughout the wear, and were not hard or “crunchy” at all. My only qualm with this mascara, which is the same that I had with the Lancome Grandiose (reviewed here) was that it flakes and transfers onto my undereye area after 5-6 hours of wear, and by hour 8-9, I looked like a panda. On an esthetics side, I really like the red accents in the packaging – it’s so cheerful looking!

Overall, I would recommend checking out the Armani Beauty Eye Tints, but skip Black Ecstasy Mascara (unless you use a waterproof coat like Clarins Double Fix Mascara).

The swatches

Senso on left and Gold Ashes on right

Armani Eye Tints senso and gold ashes swatches

The look

I used Gold Ashes at the corner of my eyes, on the inner half of my eyelid, and the inner half of my lower lash line to brighten and open up the eyes. I followed that with Senso on the outer half of my eyelid, blending inwards, and a bit on the outer half of the lower lash line. I lined my top lashline with Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner (my review here… I love it!), and coated my lashes with three layers of Black Ecstasy Mascara in Obsidian Black.

Armani Eye Tints review
Armani Eye Tints review
Armani black ecstasy mascara review
Armani black ecstasy mascara review
Armani Eye Tints and black ecstasy mascara review

Armani Eye Tints review


6 thoughts on “Review + swatches + look: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints & Black Ecstasy Mascara

  1. Senso is such a pretty color on you! It’s cool to see liquid shadows coming back. I used to use this format back when I first started playing with makeup!

    • Thanks! Yes I remember the days of liquid eyeshadows, they were more frosty and with less staying power, so I’m very happy to see that they’ve been upgraded.

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