Stationery & personal branding, featuring Papyrus


I am a HUGE stationery nerd. I’m probably one of the few people left in my social group who still writes thank-you notes and handwritten letters, just because I love doing it and it’s just so personal. I know how valuable receiving a hand-written note or card is, so I try to share the joy with everyone else in my life. As a stationery nerd, stores like Papyrus just excite me so much as they carry a huge selection of products for all of your stationery needs.


I am a firm believer that e-mail and instant messaging has taken away a lot of the thought and personalization behind sending messages. There aren’t that many things in the world that beats sending a hand-written letter or card to show the receiver that you really care, because handwriting takes a lot more time than just typing out a message on a computer. I remember one of the things that was taught to me at school was to send hand-written thank-you cards to potential employers, and that tip has done me very well because I sent cards to my current employer when I was interviewing for this job.

Sending personalized messages don’t have to be boring either. If you’re thinking boring typeface and minimalist designs, you’re going the wrong way! You can tell a lot about a person through the card and letterhead designs. I selected three different designs here from Papyrus to feature to you – a serious monogrammed correspondence card; a fun, quirky card set; and a girly yet modern card set.


The first is the monogrammed correspondence cards from Marcel Schurman. Printed on thick stock paper, these monogrammed sheets are perfect for including with gifts and/or attaching with any mailed packages. As a blogger, I receive hand-written notes from PR written on personalized correspondence and it just makes me feel super happy, and warm and fuzzy on the inside.


The second, which is my absolute favourite find (and sadly only looks to be available in store), is an all-occasion notecard set from Two Trick Pony. This set is a perfect buy for anyone who doesn’t have many opportunities to send handwritten cards, but wants to have a couple of choices on hand for each occasion. This set has cards printed for five different occasions: congratulations, get well/sympathy, happy birthday, thank you, and thinking of you. There are four cards for each occasion, and they’re ALL DIFFERENT – basically you get 10 designs in two different colour variations each, as well as corresponding envelopes.


Lastly, the girly and modern card set is perfect for all occasions as well. It includes 20 blank cards in 4 different design patterns. These are perfect for when you’re sending thank-you cards to your girl friends, or just a little weekly pick-me-up note to the boyfriend.


Papyrus also carries Le Pen by Marvy Uchida, which are micro-point plastic tip pens that come in a variety of colours. Since trying mine out, I have been completely hooked on these pens because not only are the colours just beautiful, it also writes super smoothly. I will definitely be adding more to my collection (i.e. I want to collect them all).


Living in the 21st century has been incredibly convenient since we can make connections just with a click of a button, but you can make lasting impressions via the use of personalized and handwritten cards and notes. This will help to build your personal brand, both as individuals as well as professionals.

Do you still send handwritten cards?


4 thoughts on “Stationery & personal branding, featuring Papyrus

  1. Of course I LOVE The cherry blossom design. Much nail art inspiration XD I have mixed feelings about cards.. maybe because I have a side of the family that used to send me loads of cards for every occasion, and years later I still feel burdened to keep them around. On the other hand, I understand what a nice gesture it is to receive a physical token that someone appreciates you/is thinking of you in the current digital age.

    • Yes I know what you mean, I have a stash of cards too that I’ve gotten from friends and family. I like getting them, but I don’t know what to do with them later!

  2. I think I have every single color of those Le Pen pens! LOL, I’m a pen hoarder. In fact, I buy new pens just as often as I buy new makeup if not more haha. I have sample blank cards from Papyrus that I received with my online makeup orders. I love them. I think they have some really nice designs. 🙂

    • I just bought myself a set of 10 Le Pens and so far they’ve been so fun to use. I wish I got the 18-pen set though, those seem to have more colours.

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