Review + swatches + Look: Lise Watier Expression collection for Spring 2015

Lise Watier Expression review

I had a chance to try the beautiful new Lise Watier Expression Spring collection, which had a lot of exciting bright shades and colors, as well as gorgeous packaging.

The Expression Eyeshadow Palette ($42 CAD) was probably my least favorite item from the collection. The product claims to be a long-lasting cream-powder formula, and while the colors offered are very fun and summery, they are not my cup of tea. Blues and greens don’t do much for me, and I find that I end up looking a little bit too 80s whenever I try to wear those shades. Most importantly, the color pay-off was poor even after I tried to build up the intensity, and the consistency felt dry and powdery rather than creamy. The charcoal shade was probably the only one I liked out of the bunch, and I would repurchase it if it was sold individually. However, as a palette I feel that it is rather expensive for the blow-average quality of the shadows.

Lise Watier Expression review

The Expression Blush Trio ($38 CAD) is my favorite item of the bunch! Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the blush offers subtle iridescent glow that compliments my very fair skin tone. You can wear each of the shades on their own, or combine the three for a warm, rosy glow. I find that the shimmer in the formula is just perfect – it helps to accentuate my cheekbones without looking too shiny for the daytime. I like subtle blushes that have the option to be built up for nighttime, so I would definitely recommend this product!

Lise Watier Expression review

In conjunction with the Expression Blush Trio, I would suggest using the Ombre Souffle Supreme in Fairy Pink ($24 CAD) for a more dramatic look. I use this product as an all-over illuminator and brightener. Although it is advertised as mostly an eyeshadow, I have used it to highlight my cheekbones and brow-bone area most. The texture of the Ombre Souffle Supreme is light and creamy, and it blends and spreads amazingly! As a bonus, I have not had any problems with it settling into my fine-lines even after a full day of work.

Limited Edition Rouge Gourmand Velour in Expression ($22 CAD) – it’s no secret that my lips have always been a sad, dry mess. I am not much of a lipstick girl for that exact reason (I reapply chapstick far too frequently for any lipstick to ever stand a chance!). However, as far as matte lipstick is concerned, this one is quite fabulous and hydrating. It applies smoothly and doesn’t feather or bleed with wear. I am surprised by how much I like this product given that: A) I don’t wear matte lipstick, and B) I don’t like bold shades.

Feline Eyeliner HD in Vert ($20 CAD). I am not a huge fan of this product. While the color is a lot of fun, I have found it a hassle to apply. I am a bit of an eyeliner snob, and I have been using the same product for close to seven years now, so I find that this liner simply doesn’t compare. The felt tip is extremely flexible and fine, therefore I find that it flops around too much to produce a fine, crisp line that can satisfy my inner perfectionist. I have had to apply this product in several steps, attempting to build up the thickness of the line gradually, however the formula dries incredibly fast and begins to flake off after multiple applications. This is a shame, because I am incredibly enthusiastic about the gorgeous deep, forest-green color. I could see myself wearing this product a lot more if the applicator was a little stiffer and wasn’t so prone to getting clogged with eyeshadow, and therefore producing inconsistent results.

The Eye Shine in Expression ($20 CAD) pencil is a beautiful charcoal-green shade that goes well with the rest of the products found in the collection. Although I don’t think it is dark enough to work as an eyeliner over eyeshadow, I have been wearing it on my lower lash line to accentuate my eye without creating too dramatic of a look. This product is fairly creamy and blends well with an angled brush (which is how I chose to apply it in order to get more precision). Much like the rest of the collection, the eye shine pencil is great for a fun, fresh, daytime look.

Lise Watier Expression review

Lastly, the Limited Edition Nail Lacquer in Expression ($13.50 CAD) is an incredibly unique polish which comes with a light inside the cap that promises easy application, even in the dark! First of all, I adore this color and how easy it is to apply. The lacquer dries very quickly, and only requires two coats for even, streak-free coverage. The longevity is admittedly average – after about three days it began to chip quite significantly. I work a pretty fast-paced job and I wash my hands a lot, so I imagine that this would last a lot longer if you are trying to be careful and gentle with your nails. Overall, for $13.50 I believe this is a good product, especially given the handy light in the cap!

Lise Watier Expression review

The swatches

Lise Watier Expression Eyeshadow palette

Lise Watier Expression swatches

Lise Watier Expression Blush Trio

Lise Watier Expression swatches

Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours in Expression, Eye Shine in Expression, and Feline Eyeliner HD in Vert

Lise Watier Expression swatches

Lise Watier Nail Laquer in Expression

Lise Watier Expression swatches

The look

Here is a look I did using most of the Lise Watier Expression Spring collection:

Eyes: I used the shimmery yellow shade in the inner corner of my eye, the turquoise shade all over my lid, and the charcoal to accentuate the outer corner and crease. I am wearing the Feline Eyeliner in Vert on my upper eyelid, and my lower lashline is accentuated with the Eye Shine pencil. If you look closely, you can see that the eyeshadows are rather translucent and poorly pigmented, despite being rather dark – the veins and freckles on my eyelids are visible, despite several coats and a primer underneath.

Cheeks: I am wearing the Expression Blush Trio with all of the colors blended together, and although it is definitely noticeable in person, I find that the blush doesn’t translate well on camera and is lost amidst my incredibly pale skin. My suggestion would be to ramp up the blush if you know you’ll be getting your picture taken!

Lips: I am wearing the Rouge Gourmand Velour lipstick in these shots; however, I am admittedly wearing a light coat of transparent gloss over top. I felt like the extremely pigmented, matte shade of the lipstick was too dramatic when paired with my heavy eye makeup, so I wanted to soften the look a little bit (since I was wearing it to work during the day). For a nighttime look, I would leave the lipstick matte and take care to apply it with a lip-brush for extra precision.

Lise Watier Expression review
Lise Watier Expression review
Lise Watier Expression review

I hope you liked the look! Will you be checking out the Lise Watier Expression collection in stores?


4 thoughts on “Review + swatches + Look: Lise Watier Expression collection for Spring 2015

    • The regular quads are definitely up there in my list of all time favourite eyeshadow formulas, but for some reason their limited edition releases like these just don’t perform as well – they’re drier and not as soft or pigmented, which is a shame because their quads are just SO AMAZING.

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