Review + Swatches: CND Vinylux Flora & Fauna for Spring 2015

CND Vinylux Flora Fauna swatches review

For Spring 2015, CND has created Flora & Fauna in their beloved and highly popular Vinylux formula. The shades in the Flora & Fauna collection include:

  • Fragrant Freesia – a jelly nude pink with square cellophane sparkles
  • Wild Moss – a mossy green with gold sparkles
  • Field Fox – a creme nude light mauve
  • Salmon Run – a creme peach
  • Thistle Thicket – a creme dusty lilac-grey
  • Blush Teddy – a creme nude pink
  • Creekside – a creme sky blue
  • Dandelion – an iridescent peach

Available at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products, Vinylux is a long-lasting wear polish that guarantees 7 whole days of wear with no chips. The system is easy: just your colour + base coat in one, and your top coat + sealant in another. Do not apply a separate base coat, as that would affect the long lasting effect of this system. CND Vinylux is also a fast-drying polish, taking just under a minute for the first coat to dry and a few minutes for the second coat to be ready for top coat.

I’ve tested out several shades from the Flora & Fauna collection and I have to say I am extremely impressed. At first I was worried about the 7-day claim as most polished that make that claim all seem to chip on me on day 3-4. Also, I was worried about staining, as CND says to not use a base coat when applying this polish. Some of the darker/brighter shades would most likely stain my nails, I thought.

Firstly, CND Vinylux lasts a record-breaking 10 days on me. This is 10 days of near-perfect wear, with just some barely noticeable tip wear after maybe the 7-8th day. My cuticles were growing out faster than this nail polish was chipping, which was very impressive. For that, I have to say that CND Vinylux is the perfect vacation or trip nail polish as you do not need to reapply or fix while you are on the road (damn you Chanel for chipping so crazily just on the 2nd day of my Mexico trip).

Secondly, I tested out various shades from the collection, both dark and light, and none of them stained my nails, even without using a traditional basecoat. They were also very easy to remove with Zoya Remove+, even the shades that contained a large amount of glitter.

I am very much in love with the colours in the Flora & Fauna collection. These colours – mostly soft pastels (but not those types of cheesy pastels) and soft tone greys and olives – were light enough to be work appropriate, yet were still unique. Most of the shades were two-coaters, with the exeption of Salmon Run with required a third coat. My favourite of the bunch was Fragrant Freesia, a light mauve-pink jelly with what looked like iridescent cellophane sparkles.

Some tips from CND to ensure your nail polish lasts and lasts:

  • For two-coaters, apply your first coat thin and barely there in order to smooth out ridges on the nail and also prevent air bubbles.
  • For each coat of polish and also the top coat, wrap the tip of the nail to also cover that in colour and top coat.

CND Vinylux Flora & Fauna is priced at C$11.95 and is available now at Chatters salons, Trade Secrets stores and select salons that use CND products.

The swatches

From left to right: Thistle Thicket #184, Dandelion #180, Wild Moss #186, Field Fox #185, and Fragrant Freesia #187

CND Vinylux Flora Fauna swatches review


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