Happy 2015! Life in the last little bit, trips, and blogging goals for the New Year

Hello and happy 2015! I know, I know. I keep saying I’ll do more of these life posts but then products reviews start piling up and before I know it, I’m pumping out reviews like there’s no tomorrow again. Here is what I’ve been up to since my last life update…



Last September, my favourite girls, J and Angela, and I went on a 4-day, 3-night trip to Las Vegas. We usually do a trip each summer (the first year was Seattle, then was Portland, and Vegas was the most recent trip). We got an incredible deal flying Westjet Vacations from Vancouver and staying at Paris hotel so we knew the trip was going to be a good one (we do NOT recommend staying at the Paris though, despite it being rated 4 or 5 star, it’s very far from it in terms of room quality and service). It was my third time in Vegas and hands down my favourite trip because I was there spending it with a few of my closest friends.


We spent the 4 days eating, sleeping, partying, and shopping, and by the last day, our legs were just so worn down from all of the walking/partying that we skipped out early from the outlet mall to go straight to the airport. Some of the highlights of the trip were getting table service at HAZE Night Club, thanks to Angela’s incredible hustling skills; pigging out at Boiling Crab, my favourite chain restaurant in the U.S.; and purchasing matching Pandora charms for our charm bracelets to commemorate the trip.


Thanks to Ang for the Vegas photos!


For a week in November, the boyfriend and I embarked on our first ever long-distance trip to sunny Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was my first beach vacation (normally I like to do city ones where I can do lots of sightseeing and people watching), but it was probably the best vacation I’ve ever had in my life. Work has been extremely stressful for me in the last year so it was a good time to get away, relax and recharge.


We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum, which was recommended by my good friend (and blog contributor) Liza. The resort was incredible and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. The resort grounds, the public areas, and our room were all kept immaculate. The service was top notch, with everyone being super friendly and happy to help. Also the food was very good; even after 7 days at the resort, we never once got sick of the food and were sad to be leaving it. I would highly, highly recommend this resort. Liza has been here four times and has also been to a few other hotels in the Riviera Maya region but still prefers this one, so you know it has got to be good.

Some highlights of the trip included snorkeling with the sea turtles at Akumal beach; dinner at Le Gourmet, one of the fine dining restaurants included with the all-inclusive at the resort; relaxing on the warm beach with the boyfriend; and the half day trip to Playa del Carmen spent walking around the tourist area and checking out the shops.




Christmas, Boxing Day Shopping & New Years

I spent my Christmas break vegetating at home and at the boyfriend’s house. He had just gotten Netflix so we binge-watched House and Friends. Christmas Eve with spent eating hot pot with my family, and Christmas Day was spent having turkey with the boyfriend’s extended family. New Year’s Eve was very uneventful, as we invited a few friends in for dinner, but then they left to go to a party and the two of us just stayed home to watch House. We then proceeded to fall asleep before midnight, only just waking up at 12:30 to wish each other Happy New Year then watched more Netflix. We were joking that you know when you’re getting older when you pass out before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

I did do a lot of Boxing Day shopping though. On Christmas night, I bought myself a new laptop to replace my 4-year old one, and an external monitor that were both on sale; the monitor is white, matching my white keyboard and white mouse! I also bought some sale pajamas from Joe Fresh and woke up at 6:00AM (after just going to sleep at like 3:00AM) to take advantage of the LUSH buy-one-get-one sale to stock up on Rose Jam Shower Gel. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I’m now washing my body with the most amazingly-scented body wash ever.

2014-12-22 23.02.49

Blogging goals for 2015

Inspired by J’s post for 2015, I decided to write up my own blogging goals. There are certain activities that I want to try to more of, and certain that I want to less of. These goals are simple and to-the-point, but for 2015 I really want to try to keep my blog true to myself, and create more personality behind these posts, instead of just having my blog be a reference for product reviews.


  • Write with a focus on the products and brands that interest me.
  • Build relationships with my favourite brands and PR people.
  • Build relationships with bloggers and build my reading list, including perhaps restarting the Vancouver Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Network meetups.


  • FOMO (aka fear of missing out). There are SO many products, brands and opportunities out there that FOMO really makes it hard to keep blogging a hobby and something that interests me, and instead turns it into a stressful responsibility that is no longer enjoyable.
  • Pumping out reviews like there is no tomorrow. Refocus on the person behind the blog, rather than the products.

Gosh this has turned into a long post. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I reeeeeally will try doing more of these in 2015. It’s only the first month, so let’s see how that turns out over the next few months!


10 thoughts on “Happy 2015! Life in the last little bit, trips, and blogging goals for the New Year

  1. Woohoo for more personal posts! Even though I already know all the things mentioned here, I still really enjoy reading these type of things amongst all your reviews, which I also enjoy reading 🙂

    This year’s trip is going to be epic!!

  2. Yay! I’m so late to comment but yes I’m glad I got to experience Vegas for the first time with you guys. Many props to you for suggesting Boiling Crab; I was sick as a dog and still loved the food XD I’m looking forward to reading more of your personal posts!

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