Review: Guerlain Meteorites Compact Light-Revealing Compact in 2 Light

Guerlain meteorites compact review 2015

Guerlain’s most well-known and cult classic product is their Meteorite Perles powder for the face, a collection of loose coloured pearls each with a specific purpose such as to colour-correct, illuminate, eliminate redness, or more. For Spring 2015, Guerlain is introducing Meteorites Compact (C$71) – a new and permanent product to its Meteorites collection – a pressed compact version of the Meteorites Perles. Available in 3 shades – 2 Light, 3 Medium, and 4 Golden – corresponding to the shade number of the loose pearls version and the Meteorites Baby Glow foundation (reviewed here).

Guerlain meteorites compact review
It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Guerlain Meteorites Perles. I have a tub of the loose pearls, as well as their Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder (a limited edition version of the Meteorites pressed compact from Holiday 2013). I love to use these products as finishing powders, giving my skin a natural looking glow and tying all of my makeup together.

Guerlain spring 2015 review

The Meteorites Compact is equally impressive. It is housed in a beautiful silver-toned plastic compact with the same daisy design on the lid as the loose pearls version, with a good sized mirror on the other side of the lid. It is heavily scented with violets, as with all Guerlain makeup products; I don’t mind the scent so much but it might bother some people with more sensitive noses.

The shade I have is 2 Light, which contains a matte green to eliminate redness, a matte purple to neutralize sallowness, a matte peach to brighten, a shimmery white to illuminate, and a shimmery champagne to warm up the skin. The powder is so finely milled, and the shimmer is so fine and subtle that it translates to a glow. Once dusted on the skin, it blends in seamlessly to create a luminous canvas for the rest of the makeup to go on. I’ve been using this nearly every day since I got it and I just absolutely love how it helps to make me look so healthy and glowy, even on those zombie-like Monday mornings.

It doesn’t really have any mattifying or oil controlling properties, and I don’t find that wearing this powder increases or decreases my need to blot during the day. Wear time is average, as it wears off about 2/3 into the afternoon; if I were to go out at night after work, I would need to reapply. Also the silver compact that its in feels not as hefty as I would have liked it to as it is made of plastic. For a luxury product priced at $71, I would have expected to be packaged in a metal compact.

Compared to the loose version, I have to say that the Meteorites Compact is my preference because it provides the same level of illumination in a more travel friendly medium. I also feel that you can get a more even coating of all of the shades in the compact to apply on your face because the pearls in the loose version often move around and you don’t get that even distribution of the different coloured pearls. I have both, and I will continue to use and buy both, but if you can only choose one, I’d go for the pressed compact version.

Guerlain’s Meteorites products are really a nice-to-have and not a must have. They are truly luxury items, and if you feel like your makeup bag can use a finishing powder to provide glow, I’ll definitely recommend you pick up one of these. That being said, I do absolutely love mine because I do like to look healthy and glowy when I’m feeling less so. The Guerlain Meteorites Compact will be available as of January 15 at your local Guerlain counter, including the Bay and Holt Renfrew.

Also check out my review of the Meteorites Perles de Blush here and the Meteorites Baby Glow foundation here.

Guerlain meteorites compact review 2015
Guerlain spring 2015 review

The look

Wearing Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow in 2 Light as my base, finished off with Guerlain Meteorites Compact in 2 Light

Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review
Guerlain meteorites compact review

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18 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain Meteorites Compact Light-Revealing Compact in 2 Light

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  2. OMG this compact is so beautiful *__* I’m glad it’s permanent because between my loose pearls and 2013’s holiday powder palette, it’ll be a loooong time before I can finish either/both and I let myself buy this!

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  4. I tried both the compact and the Baby glow (in medium) and loved them both. I could actually use the compact without any foundation or concealer and it would do the trip. I hardly felt I wasn’t wearing anything on my face and I still had good coverage with both products combined.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m happy to hear that you’re getting good results as well. There seems to be general consensus that these products work incredibly well together!

  5. hello, thanks for your product reviews about les tendres ^^
    i just want to ask
    is there any difference between previous version? i already have the previous version 😦

    • For me, I think it doesn’t matter as much because I will never get through a jar of pearls or use up the entire compact (I have too many powder products). The pearls and the compact are different in that the pearls are not travel-friendly at all, whereas the compact is. If you see yourself wanting to take this with you on trips or in your makeup bag, then the compact is a better option.

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