Review + swatches + look – Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette

Urban decay naked on the run review

The Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette (C$64) is a limited edition palette from Urban Decay which is intended to be a nude, on-the-go travel palette that is an all-in-one product. It is beautifully packaged with a sturdy fold-up case which includes a decent-sized mirror, but it does not come with any brushes or applicators. The palette has a mixture of matte and shimmery shades, all variations of brownish nudes. The colors are universally flattering and definitely help to create a very ‘naked’ look. Included in the case are six eye shadows (three nudes and three shimmery shades), a matte bronzer and a slightly shimmery blush in a vibrant pink. In addition to the shadows, the palette comes complete with a lipgloss in the color “Sesso,” a mini pencil liner in the color “Stag,” and a mini water-proof “Perversion” Mascara.


I had great hopes for this palette and I envisioned taking it on all sorts of travels with me. However, when I got around to actually trying it out, my love affair came to an abrupt end. I immediately noticed that all the shadows had extremely low colour pay-off. I had to swatch them numerous times just to get the opacity to show, and the matte shades were definitely more translucent than the shimmery shades. I was specially psyched about the 5050 shade (located next to the blush/bronzer), thinking it looked like the perfect base nude shade to use all over my lids prior to applying other colors, or simply on its own for a quick every-day look. Unfortunately, it was not so. The pay-off on 5050 is the worst of the bunch, and it barely shows up on my skin tone at all.

When I used a brush to apply the shadows to my lids, I found the consistency to be very dry. The shadows cracked easily under my brush and produced a lot of fall-out when applied. Even the darkest shade of the bunch, Stun took several applications to show up.  The one positive thing I noticed about the shadows is that they blended very easily – by using a fluffy blending brush on your lids you can quite easily create a nice transition from one color to the next.

Urban decay naked on the run review

I had a more positive experience with both the blush and the bronzer, where the low pay-off allowed me to build up the color as I liked. Additionally, the lipgloss is also a somewhat better product – the color is wonderful (one or two shades darker than my natural lip color) but the consistency is very sticky. I kept imagining myself out on a windy day with a bunch of hair stuck to my lips – yuck!

Lastly, the mascara and eye pencil were both relatively mediocre. I found that the extra-fluffy mascara brush left a big mess on my eyelids when I tried to use it, and it didn’t really coat my lashes much. I feel like with many, many coats and some drying time in-between you could achieve a nice look, but I honestly can’t see myself ever using this mascara again, especially when there are so many others than get the job done more efficiently.

Overall, I feel like this palette is nice in concept only. While the idea of a nude, all-in-one travel palette was very exciting to me, it was a big disappointment in practice. At $64, I would not recommend this product. Given that I only really liked the blush/bronzer combo and perhaps the lipgloss, I feel like the potential use does not justify its cost.


Urban decay naked on the run swatches
Urban decay naked on the run swatches
Urban decay naked on the run swatches
Urban decay naked on the run swatches

The look

Here is a look I did using most of the products offered in the Naked on the Run palette:

Urban decay naked on the run review

Eyes – I used the 5050 shade all over my lid and under my eyebrow for highlight, Dive in the centre of my lid, and finished with Stun in my crease and winged out towards the outer corner of the eye. Of course, you can’t actually tell any of this due to the low color payoff.  I did not use the eyeliner provided as pencil liners don’t work well on my skin, so I substituted for my favorite Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in color Blackest Black. The look is finished with the ‘Perversion’ mascara, which took me too many coats to count to get my lashes to where I wanted them to be.

Cheeks – The vibrant pink blush from the mid-bottom section of the palette.

Lips – The Naked lipgloss in colour Sesso provided in the palette.

Urban decay naked on the run review

I hope you liked this post. If you’ve tried the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Review + swatches + look – Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette

  1. I have Naked 2 and 3 palettes as well as the Basic Palette. I really like the basic palette but the Naked ones are ok at best. I’m not too into shimmery colours but I do really like the matte colours in Naked 3. The Basic Palette is the one I use most often and it is good quality. Thanks for the review of this palette. It looks so pretty but I think I will not be purchasing this palette. By the way…the lipgloss looks really pretty on you!

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