Introducing Liza, my guest contributor!


Happy New Year, everyone!

With the New Year comes new beginnings and opportunities… I am super excited to share with you today that I have invited one of my oldest (12+ years of friendship and counting!) and best friends to join me on this blogging journey by being a guest contributor to Maddy Loves. I’ve known Liza since I was 13 and a wee 8th grader. Since then, we’ve been close friends, including taking a summer trip to China together. To me, Liza is one of those friends that regardless of how much time has passed in between the last time we saw each other, we can pick up right where we left off – laughing our heads off and talking about NSFW topics.

Liza’s first guest post will be published tomorrow (here’s a sneak preview below), and hopefully we’ll be seeing her around regularly in the coming future!

Urban decay naked on the run review



One thought on “Introducing Liza, my guest contributor!

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