Recap: Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014 #DEBVan

Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014

This is super long overdue but I thought better late than never! With my friend MizzJ, I attended Diner en Blanc in Vancouver on August 21. Diner en Blanc is basically an event that takes place in cities all over the world where people come together and picnic together, while dressed in white. Attendees purchase admissions to the event, and the day of the event, you’d bring everything with you, from your picnic table to cutlery, drinkware, and of course the food. You can also purchase the tickets with the inclusion of food, which means you get food made and packed for you courtesy of Chef David Hawksworth, of the Hawksworth Restaurant at the Hotel Georgia.

Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014

Outfit: Dress from ASOS, blazer from Zara, shoes from Ferrgamo, bag from Coach

Taking place at David Lam Park in Yaletown, I dressed up in my best whites and went off to party with Vancouver’s social scene. It was really interesting to see the dynamic with everyone gathered in the park wearing white, as well as the people on the street who weren’t attending who were watching us from the side. It was also really fun to check out some of the more unique outfits that people had put together, some including full on costumes that seemed more Halloween-appropriate than anything else.


All in all, the event was one of those once-in-my-life opportunity types. While I’m unsure I will want to attend again, it was definitely very eyeopening. If you’ve never been before, or if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends or your significant other, you might want to check out Diner en Blanc!

Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014
Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014
Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014


2 thoughts on “Recap: Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2014 #DEBVan

  1. The LOVE ball!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it! With the amount of people there, I don’t think this would have been quite my scene, but I would have looked at it the same way – as one in a lifetime experience. The two of you looked super chic in your white outfits!

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