Take an hour out of your busy schedule and play some board games with Mattel! #GameTime


Life as an urban professional is always super hectic and busy, with every minute of your day highly utilized and productive. But when was the last time you took an hour out of your day to relax and play a spontaneous round of board games? Mattel, the producer of cult classic games such as UNO, Pictionary, and Mad Gab, is encouraging everyone to slow down, and bond with the people around you by spending some quality time with friends and family through interactive board games.

Mattel sent me four of their popular board games to play with my friends: Apples to Apples Big Picture, UNO, Mad Gab, and Bounce Off. Coincidentally my boyfriend was doing a games night with his friends so I brought along Apples to Apple Big Picture with me and it was a huge hit. Apples to Apples Big Picture is a variety of the classic Apples to Apples game, except with pictures matched to the theme word instead of words matched to words. It was fun to see what people had come up with as their matches to the theme word, and the night was filled with fun and laughter.


In September, Mattel took over a Toronto shopping mall to surprise shoppers with a spontaneous and interactive game of Pictionary, which was disguised as a mall poster. Featuring surprises and prizes, this experience was caught on camera, which you can see in the video below.

When was the last time you took an hour out of your schedule to play a round of board games?


I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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