Gadget review: Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles anti-aging light therapy tool

review of Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles

Today I’m reviewing Baby Quasar’s Pure Rayz anti-aging light therapy tool.I’m going to start off by saying this product is for anti-aging, and since I’m currently in my mid-20s, there isn’t much aging to combat, but I have been using this to as a preventative measure for the last few months. Also I’m not much of an expert in light therapy tools, so I can’t compare this against anything else. My review is based solely off of my thoughts from using this product over a few weeks, and not any expert advice or testimony.

review of Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles

Pure Rayz is the more economical of Baby Quasar’s light therapy tools (the more expensive models being Baby Quasar PLUS and Quasar MD Plus). Priced at $249, it is the entry level model for those who are thinking about trying light therapy tools but don’t want to make the big commitment just yet. Composed in plastic shell casing, it includes four distinct wavelengths of light for even penetration into the skin.

As the first (or second step) of your skin regime, you use Pure Rayz either right away after you wash your face at night, or I like to use it after applying a toner because my skin gets dehydrated quickly. You hover it [update] lightly press the tool on your face and neck for a maximum of 4 minutes, spending 30 seconds in each area of the face. There is an auto shut-off after 4 minutes you never have to worry about overusing this. The light being emitted from the tool is red and is quite bright, so I usually aim this away from my eyes to prevent discomfort. If you do get it in your eye, it is gentle enough that it’s not going to cause any damage. I use this for 30 seconds each around my nose, both cheeks, chin, forehead, and for a minute on my neck.

review of Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles

I’ve been using Pure Rayz for a few weeks and the bottom line is, I really like it. Like I mentioned before, I don’t really have any wrinkles to eradicate, but I found that this tool is actually also great for just smoothing out the skin in general and tightening pores. My skin felt smoother, tighter, and my products absorbed more easily. The ergonomically designed egg shape of the tool is very comfortable to use. Being made of plastic, it is also light enough for travel. I feel like I’d have to revisit this in a few years after I’ve developed some fine lines to see what the anti-aging qualities are, but in the meantime I will be giving this to my mom to use.

I can see that this would make a great gift for mom or that beauty-obsessed favourite aunt. Men can also use this, as it is appropriate for anyone who want better looking, smoother skin. Pure Rayz comes with a 5-year warranty and a 60-day month back guarantee for those of you who are still on the fence about trying it. You can purchase Pure Rayz on the Baby Quasar website for $249.

Would you take the leap and try anti-aging light therapy tools?

review of Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles
review of Baby Quasar Pure Rayz for Wrinkles


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