Experience review: Eccotique Spas & Salons “Dual Exfoliation” facial

Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review

I was recently invited to Eccotique Spa to try out their new fall facial offering – the Dual Exfoliation facial, using Aveda products. This facial is a targeted facial, meaning that it’s specifically to benefit the skin and not for relaxation purposes. To be honest, it wasn’t super relaxing, but that’s okay because I walked out with glowy, refined, and smooth skin. Recommended for all skin types (except super sensitive types or those with rosacea or severe acne-prone skin), it is a facial focused on ridding your skin of dead cells, and increasing radiance.

Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review

The products used in this facial (in order of application):

Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review
Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review

My esthetician, Jessica, started by removing all of my makeup (I just had BB cream on that day) with Enbrighten Brightening Cleanser and toned with the Enbrighten Brightening Treatment Toner. The first step of the “dual exfoliation” is the Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner, which is clay-based, physical exfoliator that also contains bamboo extracts. This part was actually a little bit uncomfortable because Jessica thoroughly exfoliated my skin with the scrub, to a level that I wasn’t used to because I’ve always been wary about overexfoliating.

She then opened up my pores with the Perfecting Plant Peel, which is a warming mask designed to open the pores and let out any toxins. The next part was the most interesting – Jessica placed some cotton pads on my cheeks, nose, and chin, and slowly poured water soaked in Aqua Therapy on my face. She said this is to release and wash away any toxins in my skin. Having the cool water dribbled down my cheek was extremely refreshing after a warming mask, and was probably the most relaxing part of this mask.

After drying off my face (and neck) post-Aqua Therapy, Jessica used the Outer Space Cooling Mask on me to shrink my pores, and at the same time she used some cold stones to massage my face and tighten the pores some more. This part was also super relaxing, and made me wonder where I can buy those stones to do the facial massage at home. After wiping off the mask, she finished off with the Enbrighten Brightening Serum and Cream, and the Green Science Firming Eye Cream.

After I left the spa, I felt a bit wary because my skin felt like it had been overexfoliated. As soon as I looked in the mirror though, I was incredibly impressed by how refined and smooth my skin looked, and how I’ve never felt my skin (especially my chin area) feeling so soft and silky. I would go back there every few months just to “straighten my skin out,” especially during change of seasons or when I feel like my skin needs a good targeted treatment.

Eccotique recommends this facial be done once a month, and I think that’s a good amount to go if you have the budget. It’s priced at $100 for 45 minutes, which is pricey, but really worth it because I’ve never seen my skin so healthy immediately after a facial. The Dual Exfoliation Facial is available at Eccotique locations now!

Promotion: for the holiday season, Eccotique is offering $5 off of their top 5 favourite services, and the Dual Exfoliation Mask is included! Visit an Eccotique location for more information.

What was has been your favourite facial experience?

Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review
Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review
Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review
Eccotique dual exfoliation facial review


4 thoughts on “Experience review: Eccotique Spas & Salons “Dual Exfoliation” facial

  1. Hmm I’m not sure I had as stellar an experience as you did. My person didn’t actually seem to remove my makeup before putting on the mask as I still had all my eye makeup on after! Plus I also broke out a bit afterwards. Maybe it really depends on who you get.

    • I wasn’t wearing eye makeup that day, just base and she removed that. It’s too bad that you didn’t have such a good experience, but I agree, it depends on who you get.

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