Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara, a miracle worker or another overhyped product?

lancome grandiose review

Lancome is very well known for its innovative mascara designs and formulations, and is a forerunner in the beauty industry for mascara innovations. Its latest release – the Grandiose Mascara – is no exception. The swan neck is a new design in the mascara industry that’s never been seen before, and is supposed to help with ease of application and getting each and every lash coated with mascara from root to tip. The brush is silicone-like, and not like usual mascara brushes; it is also shorter and stumpier compared to other mascara brushes I’ve tried.

lancome grandiose review

My thoughts:

  • It helps to volumize but does not define or lengthen as much as I like to
  • It holds curls relatively well for a western-brand mascara; my lashes stayed curled throughout the day
  • My lashes stay soft all day and do not feel heavy or “crispy” like with some other mascara formulas
  • The swan neck wand is actually pretty easy to manoeuvre and it does help to get most of my lashes coated with mascara
  • My major dislike – it flakes. I look like a panda after a day at work.
  • The stumpy brush actually makes my lashes clump together more
  • The fatter brush is hard to control and I end up with mascara on my eyelid as well (this rarely happens with other mascaras, but it happens with this one during every single application)

lancome grandiose review

Overall with it priced at $35, I would not repurchase because the cons outweigh the pros. Another thing to mention is that the tube design is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the rose at the top. However, this still doesn’t warrant a repurchase.

lancome grandiose review

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

lancome grandiose review
lancome grandiose review


3 thoughts on “Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara, a miracle worker or another overhyped product?

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