Review of Memebox – the only beauty box I’d subscribe to!

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Memebox is Korea-based beauty subscription box that allows you to choose the type of product you want in your box. While it is called a “subscription” box, you actually purchase the boxes on a one-off basis, meaning you get a box only when you want a box and not every month.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Memebox recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in receiving a box for review, and as a lover of Asian cosmetics, of course I said yes. The box I received was Scentbox #2 Baby Powder. To be honest I was a little wary when I heard I’d be getting a baby powder-based box because baby powder isn’t my most favourite scent in the world (especially after I learned that they also had a rose-themed box!!).

memebox scentbox baby powder review

When I received the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents. While it is labeled a baby powder-based box, the products were all softly scented with light florals with a bit of that powder fragrance. The products included in the box were:

  • Mimi Lauryne Perfume Soap in French Blossom – suitable for both body and face use, and handmade with 100% natural ingredients, including shea butter, olive oil and coconut milk. Recommended for sensitive skins.
  • Fabric Deodorizer in Baby Powder scent – a Fabreze-like product that eliminates odours and bacteria in fabrics. Not sure how accurate the claims are about removing bacteria, but the soft powder scent was perfect for spraying over cottons for that fresh, summer feel.
  • Deo Fresh deodorant freshening sheets – perfect for the summer, these sheets will help to freshen the underarm area or anywhere else in need of a quick deodorant.
  • Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster – a moisturizer that also acts as a primer, the texture is relatively thick and harder to absorb. I haven’t used this on my face yet so I can’t tell what the long-term benefits are.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Priced at $15+ with a $6.99 shipping cost, this is actually not a bad way to test out new and innovative products from Korea. We all know the Koreans tend to set the trend in skincare and cosmetics in many ways (BB creams, anyone?) and with Memebox, you can get your hands on these products before the trend hits the rest of the world. Also the best thing about Memebox is that you can choose what types of products you want to try, instead of getting miscellaneous random products to try. Most of the products in the boxes are also full size, instead of the pesky sample sizes.

memebox scentbox baby powder review

Other Memeboxes I would love to try include the Tea Cosmetics box, Cooling Care box (perfect for summer!), and the IOPE box (IOPE is a well-known Korean skin care brand). You can also see referral-only boxes that are better deals than other Memeboxes that aren’t referral-only.

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