Experience review: Skoah Power Facial

Skoah facial review

I recently booked a facial with Skoah, a Vancouver-based skin care company. Their motto is “personal training for your skin,” and I don’t think you can describe their services any better; Skoah focuses on skincare personalized for your needs. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked the service because I’ve had facials before and they were all mediocre at best, even when using my favourite products such as ones from the Dermalogica brand. At worst, I’ve come out with cystic acne, at best, my skin was just dry at the end, but the Skoah facial was definitely rave-worthy.

The following review contains rambles, but the short version is that my skin has never felt smoother, more plump, and more glowy. My pores are nearly invisible, my skin looks calm and there’s no redness in sight (after the redness from the extractions has subsided), and it just looks incredibly healthy.

My facial at the Skoah Yaletown location started off with a short consultation with Ashley, my skin trainer. She asked me what were my skin’s major concerns, and then gave me a short description of what she plans on doing. My Power Facial also included a head and shower massage, in addition to the facial, so it was a really nice treat for the end of a work day.

Ashley started off by cleansing my skin and removing my makeup with the Kleansing Lotion. I have dehydrated skin and Ashley said I should use a lotion or cream-based cleanser interchanged with a foaming cleanser, instead of a foaming cleanser all the time like I am doing now. The Kleansing Lotion removed all traces of foundation from my skin, as well as most of my mascara. She followed by toning my skin with Tonik, a pH balancing toner which is cooling and refreshing.

After cleansing and prepping the skin, Ashley used the AHA Mask to clear off all the dead skincells from my skin. I normally don’t use mask-based chemical exfoliators because my skin is relatively sensitive and a mask-based chemical exfoliator may cause more redness. While this one tingled and stung a bit at the beginning, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or extra sensitive.

After exfoliating, Ashley calmed my skin down with more Tonik, and then proceeded to do gentle extractions on my skin. She used rubber gloves (must haves!) and gently squeezed my skin to extract all the trapped oil and gunk in my pores. While it was painful, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. She followed the extraction with more toner to calm the skin down.

Next, Ashley used a combination of the Kalm Down Mask and the Hydradew Mask on my skin to replace the moisture, and to plump up my skin. She massaged the two masks on my face and after a few minutes, it was removed with a hot damp towel (it felt SO good). Ashley finished off by applying Eye Kandy to the contours of my eyes, Kontrol Serum to control the sensitivity and redness in my skin, more of that Hydradew Mask as a moisturizing serum (it’s water soluble so it can be used right underneath moisturizer, like a leave-on mask!), and Dewlux Face Kream Lite 30 with sun protection so that my skin is protected when I leave there.

I am absolutely hooked on the Skoah facials. While they are relatively pricey, I could see benefits after just one treatment (not like other places who claim you need 5-10 treatments to see effects). I can definitely see myself returning, especially before important events just to perk up my skin a bit more.

Have you tried Skoah before? What were your thoughts?

Skoah facial review

Photos from the Skoah website


3 thoughts on “Experience review: Skoah Power Facial

  1. Omg reading this review makes me so excited to book my appointment!! I’ve had a Skoah facial ages ago and remember it just made my skin feel fantastic and baby soft. The hot towel part is the best!!

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