Storing your Salon Tools Like a Pro


If you’re working on opening a home salon, you’ve probably started to consider how you’re going to store all the tools you need to keep the salon running from day to day. In addition to all the large equipment that you need, like towel warmers and shampoo bowls, there are countless small items you’ll use again, things like nail polishes, combs, bobby pins, foils, and all sorts of makeup.

One of the biggest challenges in running a salon out of your house is figuring out how to keep all of this stuff organized. It’s easy to let the clutter of everyday living slip over into your work space or the bad habit of not putting things away when you’re done using them follow you to work, especially if you work in your living room. The biggest key to keeping things straightened up and looking professional and clean is to stay organized.


There are lots of ways to organize all of your salon tools. From a make up case to a rolling car, you have lots options, many of which can be found at The Salon Outlet. If you spend lots of time doing makeup in your home salon, and have quite a few small items laying around, a makeup train case might be an ideal solution for you. These cases are perfect for anyone who has to move their makeup collection around frequently, like you might need to do working in a salon and they’re also big enough to accommodate even the largest hoard.

For hair stylists, rolling carts are an absolute must. You can store so much in them, from your foils to combs and brushes to styling products and almost anything you might need to use to work on a client’s hair.

This post was written and sponsored by The Salon Outlet.

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