Discover your city with the Yellow Pages #NewYP mobile app


Yellow Pages recently revamped their mobile app and it’s better than ever. I’ve been playing around with this app for the last couple of weeks and I’m sharing some of my favourite features with you today. Basically the Yellow Pages app is an all-in-one assistant for your day-to-day life. It includes all of the necessary features for your commute, entertainment, food, errand-running, and more. Convenience I’m always super indecisive when it comes to where I want to go for dinner. My usual Friday night routine with the boyfriend is sitting on the couch flicking through restaurant options and deciding through process of elimination. The Yellow Pages app makes this so much easier, you can check out restaurant reviews, hours, menus and photos (oooh damn you food photos *shakes fists*). You can also share information super easily via Twitter, SMS, or e-mail. With the tap of the screen, you can send the restaurant listing to your friends for easy party/outing planning.

yellow pages app review

Cheap gas listings! What I find most useful about the Yellow Pages app is that not only does it include things such as restaurant listings, beauty salons, banks, hotels, and others, it also includes useful everyday commuter things such as gas stations (complete with price listings), garages, and towing companies in your proximity. On my way home from work there are approximately 4-5 gas stations and I’m always conflicted about whether I should try my luck and drive to the next one for cheaper gas, or just fill up at the one in front of me. This app makes it easy because it has all the gas prices listed out so I can just drive to the one with the cheapest prices!

yellow pages app review

Awesome deals You can get local deals and discounts sent right to your phone by the Yellow Pages app. This is super convenient for those of us who like to go out and have a good time without breaking the bank. In my screenshots below, you can see there’s a little tag in some of the business listings, which means there’s a current deal on. You can click in to the see the deal listed, some of them have more than one promotion!

yellow pages app review

Some other features include:

  • Business, person, and reverse phone look-up (i.e. you type in their number and check who it is)
  • Local search via GPS
  • Directions
  • Saving items to your “favourites list” to refer back to later

The Yellow Pages app is available on both Android and iOS. You can check out more information about Yellow Pages at, or at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

This post was written by me and sponsored by Yellow Pages through Made in Blog.


2 thoughts on “Discover your city with the Yellow Pages #NewYP mobile app

  1. I’ve almost forgot about the Yellow Pages with the advent of things like YELP or just Google maps in general. But it’s nice to see that they’ve caught up with the times and developing something for mobile. Good stuff!

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