BUNNIES! LUSH Cosmetics limited edition soaps and bath products for Easter

Lush easter bath soaps and bath bombs review

I’ve recently developed a mini obsession with bunnies so LUSH Cosmetics’ limited edition Easter offerings couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lush easter bath soaps and bath bombs review

Bunny bubble bar – Super skin softening bubble bar that creates creamy bubbles. Ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and cornstarch to help create a denser bubble bar. You can actually split this in half to use twice, or use once for an extra special experience.

Carrot soap – Made with carrot oil and shea butter, this soap is probably one of the more moisturizing of LUSH soaps I’ve tried. Like all LUSH products, it makes my entire bathroom smell amazing!

Lush easter bath soaps and bath bombs review

The Immaculate Eggception bath bomb – I absolutely LOVE the name play on this LUSH product. I just shows how awesome LUSH as a company really is. The “Eggception” part is a double-layer bath bomb – a small bath bomb buried within the big outer shell. You can hear the smaller one rattling on the inside when you shake it! Like Bunny bubble bar, you can use this twice, once with the outside shell and one with the mini bath bomb on the insider.

Golden Egg Bath Melt ballistic – Probably my least favourite of all of these bath products just because I don’t like a mess. The Golden Egg Bath Melt is a bath bomb coated in a gold glittery powder that comes off when you touch it. It melts completely once in water, but before it hits the water, it does create a bit of a mess. The good thing about this is that it’s scented with Honey, I washed the Kids, which is a warm and fuzzy scent, perfect for before bed, and also made with shea butter and olive oil, so that your skin is super soft and supple afterwards.

Lush easter bath soaps and bath bombs review

Brightside bubble bar – One of my favourite products in this collection, the Brightside bubble bar is really bright! It’s created with a combination of energizing scents such as mandarin, tangerine, bergamot, and lemon. This is going to be joining the permanent range after Easter, so if you love it like I do, you can now get it all year round!

You can now purchase LUSH Cosmetics Easter offerings at your local LUSH store as well as online for a limited time only.

P.S. I was super happy to see that LUSH will soon be opening shop at Pacific Centre in Downtown Vancouver. This is their second location downtown, with the other one on Robson Street. I pass by Pacific Centre almost every day after work so the location is just perfect for me to get my LUSH fix!


8 thoughts on “BUNNIES! LUSH Cosmetics limited edition soaps and bath products for Easter

  1. ohhhh the bunny soap is adorable! haha it’s been so long since I went to lush. because everytime I go I come out with a bunch of stuff I don’t ‘need’ but smells delicious 😀

  2. I just went into Lush this weekend to pick up the bunny for my Easter basket, but they were sold out of it! I ended up getting their Easter egg bath bomb – not the “Eggception” one, but the smaller, single-use bomb. It smells so sweet! I normally go to the Lush on 4th Ave, but I’m sure the Pacific Centre location will lure me in too 🙂

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