Swatches + thoughts: Lise Watier Spring 2014 IMAGINE collection


For Spring 2014, Lise Watier is offering an ultra colourful collection, IMAGINE, inspired by dreams and romanticism. The collection contains a few limited edition pieces, as well a few permanent pieces that I am really loving.


The two star items of the collection, both limited edition – IMAGINE Blush (left, $32) and Quatuor IMAGINE Eyeshadow Quartet ($36) – are housed in a beautiful watercolour packaging that look like the sunset. The blush is a bright pink, made up of a mosaic of different pink tones, blending together to create a warm pink that’s suitable for most skintones. The eyeshadow contains 4 different pearly shades that can be mixed and matched to create a colourful look.


The blush swatches super smooth and finely; on the left is a straight swatch and on the right is what it looks like blended out. It is not as pigmented as I would have hoped, but rather blends out to look very subtle and natural.


My favourite product in this collection is an addition to Lise Watier’s permanent line-up of Quatour Eyeshadows. Quad Les Mats ($33) is a matte neutral palette that is just beautiful. Three of the four shades are pigmented and only required one swipe, with the exception of the pink shade that required two swipes. This is a great work palette, especially if you work in a more conservative office. The four shades means that you don’t really need to think too much about which colours to use in the morning, which is actually perfect if you are not a morning person (like me!).


The most interesting lip product in this launch is the Magic Lip Colour Enhancer (second from the top, limited edition, $22). This clear balm adjusts to each person’s lips PH levels to create a personalized shade for each wearer. This paraben-free and preservative-free formula is also filled with mango butter to hydrate and protect lips at the same time.


In addition, there will be three other products added to the permanent collection – a new clear gloss, the Haute Lumiere High Shine Lip Gloss in Crystal ($23); a Duo Glam Rouge Infini lipstick duo in Tender Pink Glam ($27); a Waterproof Eyeliner in Smokey Grey ($20); and a Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Rose Papaye ($22).

My recommendations from the collection: Quatour Eyeshadow in Quad Les Mats and Magic Lip Colour Enhancer. If you’re looking for a warm pink blush, the IMAGINE Blush is worth a look as well.

Lise Watier IMAGINE collection is available now at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, and all other Lise Watier counters until April, so if you’re interested in something, better go grab it now than later!


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