Basic wool peacoat: the purchase (part 2)

I previously wrote about my search for a classic and basic wool peacoat here. After literally months of searching, I finally found the one.

I like to think of my coats as an investment. Prior to this year’s replacement of the coats, my previous outerwear have all lasted me anywhere from 4 to 7 years. This year, I finally decided to replace all of my coats due to realizing that they’re actually not that warm anymore.

The three choices that I had looked at in my last post all had flaws that I just couldn’t overlook, and because I was confident in that I would be wearing this coat for many years, I decided to expand my search to more luxury brands. Specifically, I looked at Burberry.

I absolutely love Burberry for outerwear. I find that the quality really is fantastic and the price they charge for the craftsmanship and material is (almost) justified. I previously purchased a trench coat from Burberry and it has become the most beloved and most worn articles of clothing in my closet. Coincidentally, the Burberry website started their winter sale just before Christmas and of course I had to take a look.

Wool coats by Burberry London (my favourite of the three Burberry brands – Prorsum, London, and Brit) were marked down 30%, and everything was shipped straight from the UK. I looked at three different styles that met my criteria (everything except the price, of course). All o these coats were made of 80% wool and 20% cashmere, meaning they are extremely soft and warm.

Wool Cashmere Military Pea Coat


I love the button details on this style, as well as the giant pockets (yay for carrying a lot of stuff around!). I also really like that cuff design around the sleeves and the nightingale extension at the back of the coat. The downsides were the extremely high price, and that it looked a bit too contemporary for me. I wanted something more classic that would stay in style for years.

Revere Collar Wool Cashmere Pea Coat


Again, loving the button detail on the sleeves and the scrunched up fabric at the back of the waist. The downside was the sleeves look really short on the model, and I felt it might be too fitted to layer anything underneath. This coat looked more like a light spring jacket than a warm coat.

Wool Cashmere Pea Coat


This one was a winner! Definitely love the oversized collar and the slightly longer cut. It’s fitted but still loose enough to layer a blazer or a sweater underneath. It has less detailing around the back of the waist or the sleeves, but the oversized collar is definitely the main feature. While the price is a bit high, I was very happy with this purchase. I was also extremely happy that my search is now over!

3 thoughts on “Basic wool peacoat: the purchase (part 2)

  1. I love your final choice and it was really interesting to read about your reasonings for liking and choosing/not choosing each option. They were all great picks, but I think this one is perfect for its style and durability.

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