Basic wool peacoat: the search (part 1)

I’ve always been a long coat kind of gal. All of the jackets/coats I wear on a regular basis are long, either knee length or longer. This year, I wanted to get myself a short wool peacoat, something for more casual wear that wasn’t as heavy or formal as a long coat.

I started my search at the beginning of coat-shopping season, during early September. I had narrowed down my list of criteria to the follow:

  • Short (ish), around hip length
  • Dark colour, either black or navy
  • Made of wool, with minimal other materials mixed in
  • Fitted enough to create an illusion of a waist-like, but loose enough so that I can layer underneath
  • Budget of around $300

In addition to looking at the various brands such as Club Monaco, J.Crew, Mackage, Smythe, I also kept my eyes out for sales on shopping sites such as Gilt, Rue La La, and others. In the end, I narrowed down my selection to the following choices:

Majesty Peacoat from J. Crew


The classic Majesty Peacoat from J. Crew is made of warm stadium cloth. Available in a wide variety of colours, I fell in love with the fit of this design. I tried this in a size 8 and it was just perfect for wearing with a thick sweater or a blazer underneath. The navy colour, coupled with the gold buttons, was also a standout. The downside to this peacoat was the gold buttons, as they looked plastic and slightly cheap.

Samantha Navy Blazer Coat from Mackage


This was a lot more expensive than what I had originally budgeted, but I love the feel and quality of Mackage coats that I couldn’t resist but look. The leather detailing, a Mackage signature, was very much my style, but the zipper side details were a bit too grungy for me, especially since I wanted something classic for every day wear.

Wool-felt peacoat from Iris & Ink


I’ve never heard of the brand Iris & Ink, but this came pretty close to what I was looking for in a wool peacoat. The material looks heavy-duty, and the design was a contemporary take on a classic silhouette. The only thing was I couldn’t find much online about the quality of this brand and I was wary about spending so much money on a coat that I wasn’t sure of the material and make.

Which coat do you think I chose in the end? I’ll be following up with part 2 of my coat search soon!


3 thoughts on “Basic wool peacoat: the search (part 1)

  1. I know I know! hehe I like the look of the 2nd one the best, but agreed that it’s a bit trendy when all you want is something classic and timeless in a wool coat.

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